I am heart-sick over what I observe happening in our great nation. People appear to be learning very well how to hate others. Outbursts of anger, uncontrollable flare-ups, and temper tantrums are on every newscast, and continually fill newspapers and websites. YouTube videos are uploaded and viewed because of horrific displays of undeniable hatred and rage.

Why So Much Hate?

I am heart-sick over what I observe happening in our great nation. People appear to be learning very well how to hate others. Outbursts of anger, uncontrollable flare-ups, and temper tantrums are on every newscast, and continually fill newspapers and websites. YouTube videos are uploaded and viewed because of horrific displays of undeniable hatred and rage.

This week we witnessed it in Michigan. When the state’s governor signed into law the right-to-work bill, some defenders of unions not only openly protested, but began expressing hatred in their violent actions.

FOXNews contributor Steven Crowder went to Lansing to ask protesters why they opposed the new law. As he spoke with them, they began to tear down a large tent pitched on the Capitol lawn by the right-to-work group Americans For Prosperity. Then Crowder was punched repeatedly in the face by a protester, while another man speaking off-camera threatened to kill him. Crowder reported that he had never seen such anger.

The animosity and hatred expressed verbally and revealed in the faces of protestors was disheartening and should cause all of us to be deeply concerned. In our great free country, where people have the God-given privilege of voting and expressing their opinion and wishes, tempers can explode.

We are told in the Word of God to hate evil, and we should especially avoid it in our own lives. But we must not hate others who are different, who disagree, or who are trapped by evil tendencies and unwholesome lifestyles. We must unwaveringly hold up the truth in love, while standing against hate-filled, deadly outbursts. It’s fine to disagree and debate. Ongoing dialogue and important discussions can be healthy. But why the hatred? Why the destructive spirit?

I’m convinced it’s because people have moved far from the redemptive spirit found in Christ. The love of God within us gives us the ability to forgive and understand while holding true to deep convictions with unwavering character. We don’t have to be vindictive, destructive, and hateful. The Bible says if you say you love God and hate your brother, you’re in darkness (see 1 John 2:9). No wonder the light is so dim—it’s because many Americans and people around the world are filled with darkness.

It seems today that even success itself is hated. Wealth is under attack. Preachers dare not mention the blessings of God or prosperity, or they will be critically labeled a “prosperity preacher.” We know there are excesses and extremes in every area, but doesn’t the Bible talk about God’s desire to bless us as His children? Do not every one of us as parents want the best and greatest blessings for our children?

God wants us to be so blessed that we become a blessing to the nations of the world. Are we supposed to start preaching a poverty gospel? How can we possibly alleviate suffering and help the poor if we don’t have the resources to do it? Even those who believe in socialism must have some means of wealth from which to extract the money they wish to disburse.

I’m saying this as a firm warning: If we don’t recognize this foolishness and the danger imposed by the hatred of success, blessings, and prosperity, we are going to destroy our ability to meet any legitimate need – along with our future and the future of our children and those we love. Americans must experience a change of heart and mind—and it must come soon, or we are going to see the downfall of this once great nation.

It’s not too late for us to turn the tide, but we need to release God’s love to people all around us and especially to those with whom we disagree. We must witness a new demonstration of God’s power and especially His love and forgiveness. Only then can expressions of compassion replace hatred and violence.

Let there be peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

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  1. “I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve….ATTENTION ME Obama is not destroying this country,The devil come but to still,kill,and destroy and he is using people to do it,You are looking at things from the wrong aspect.The Lord put Obama in office to expose the content of men hearts.He can see all that stuff hate etc……. you can say what you want but Jesus see it all.ATTENTION Anonymous:
    Madalyn Murray O’Hair is credited with taking prayer out of school. President Obama did not take prayer out.

  2. Know Jesus, know peace!
    No Jesus, no peace!

  3. thank you Bro. James for the article on Hate. Hate is an evil spirit, it is the type of spirit that if it stays with you long it will cause spiritual, mental, and physical illness. The word of God tells us to love one another as we love our selves. we are not to speak evil but blessings. just as God Bless us in our sinful ways, when wespeak ill of one another we are we are speaking ill of God because He has created each of us in his image according to the word. Bro. James yes i am my brothers and sisters keeper.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    God’s will was done in establishing America as a beacon of freedom and prosperity to the world. Obama has done more than his fair share of destroying that in four years, and he is leading us all into bondage and tyranny, with the world-government leader, the United Nations, at the helm.

    Racism works both ways and pulling the race card every time someone criticizes a black president is not only racist, it’s ignorant. He’s a liar and a fake – my opinion – and because he is a political figure I am allowed to harshly criticize his actions. Oh! That’s right. I live in North Korea now and 99 percent of Christians saying let me sit back because God will just do everything for me.

    I don’t hate Obama, but I strongly dislike his actions and what he has done to this nation. I’m also tired of black people blaming me for everything their ancestors endured.

    Here’s a “religious card” praying that all people wake up to what is happening in this world.
    If we need a scripture on it, let’s go with Matthew 24.

    Obama is leading the way for dismantling the Constitution, but we’ll never get most black people to admit it because too many of them believe they are on “Team Obama” and they’re winning. Look again, we’re all losing, especially those of us forced to pay for Obama’s ever-growing socialist welfare state.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. James, you talk about prosperity and God blessing His children. Preachers put such an heavy burder on the flock, give give give and give somemore. Let all the donations dry up and lets just see how the preacher fares than. Is it God blessing, or is it the preacher dipping his hand to far into the donations and sticking them into his pocket. I just would like to know why a preacher needs two are three houses, the lowly people in the church are lucky to even have one.

    I will never go to church again simply because they preach to much on money and not enough on the Bible. If a person does not want to give it is none of the preachers business. That is between you and God. But the good ole preacher knows if the flock quits giving there goes his easy living. How many hours do most preachers work a week, how many hours do they spend on the golf course or in front of that ungodly tv set. Every vile thing comes across the television. I am so glad I finally had the courage to throw it out of the house. The country is in a mess because of the easy on the ears gospel that is preached. One scripture is read than the preacher talks about his vacation, or his grandkids.

  6. I once heard an old preacher about 45 years ago say, “As the pulpit in the church goes, so goes the country”. What are the preachers in the churches preaching anymore. A feel good gospel is all we get, after all we do not want to offend the people who give the hefty donations. If a rich man comes into the church they have a goodly seat to sit at, if a poor man comes in, if the church is full, tuff luck to the poor man. I ask you James do you cater to the rich over the poor, do you send out special gifts to the big doners that give to your ministry. Most preachers will keep their big donation givers happy at all cost, after all the watered down gospel must be preached.

    No conviction of sin, no change of heart. The church is in sad shape anymore. The country is in sad shape anymore.
    It is such a shame that Jesus shed His blood and preachers have used it to become rich off of. Oh and the person that posted that the poor will not come after the rich, I beleive they are wrong, when you have a mob of angry hungry people they will take the chance of being shot if they can get food. Gated communties cannot stop an angry mob. One are two guards cannot control thousands of hungry people. Lets just pray that it never comes to this.

  7. James, Thank you for your heart and work. In the Old West there were people who pushed and instigated mobs to hang supposed offenders, whether they were proven guilty or not. I suspect mob rule today is much the same. We have enemies of our government who instigate mob rule in order to break down our government and freedom. It is all the more reason to learn how to test the spirit of all we think, hear, and see before we act on it. Adam failed to do that and Jesus taught us to test the spirit when he was tempted. It is not only false end time doctrine we must watch out for, it is a daily test we must all learn how to master, which is part of my ministry at fireofthelord dot com.