To those who care,

I have written many important columns, but never one more important than this one. As always, I am referring to issues of life and death, but this time it also includes the life, or death, of freedom we just celebrated on July 4th.

Where Were You When Freedom Died?

To those who care,

I have written many important columns, but never one more important than this one. As always, I am referring to issues of life and death, but this time it also includes the life, or death, of freedom we just celebrated on July 4th.

Betty and I have been married since 1963 and never dreamed we would witness what we are seeing in our nation today. We are more concerned than words can adequately express.  Freedom and faith in America are under attack, and if not addressed correctly, freedom as we know it…could die.

To this ministry many have faithfully given to share life, and to help the helpless and the suffering around the world in true, compassionate Christian charity. Supporters have never been forced or required to share what God has given  – NEVER! For this I am thankful, and I pray no one stops helping.  So many children and families in real need depend on us, and they clearly see the love of God in Christ when we address their pain.

I am writing this very personal letter with a broken heart, asking for your prayer and support to help me awaken the sleeping church and call America to repentance and a return to sanity.

Many national leaders are making unwise decisions, leading us into a pit of debt to be passed on to our children and those yet to be born.  Much of our population now supports taking the lives of the innocent unborn through what they ultimately intend to be tax-funded. 

Political leaders are also taking away opportunity, through debt, from those who will be born in coming years.  This practice, along with unrealistic promises are creating an entitlement mentality and a dependence on those who are actually encouraging destructive behavior like stealing, hoarding and, in fact, getting the government to steal for certain causes.  These practices actually hurt the poor and weaken those who could help them. 

God is leading me to openly address national issues, calling for a return to absolute principles that must be restored.  Our founders understood that true freedom – liberty – offers not only opportunities, but it also demands responsibility.

I am not talking about igniting some political power base.  I am, however, talking about awakening people from complacency and inspiring every spiritual leader and every believer to stand against the current destructive trends in our nation.

Everything sacred is under attack, beginning with faith, the family and freedom.

In recent months, God has accomplished such a deep work in my heart.  In prayer, Bible study, historical research and with Betty’s blessing, I find myself compelled to begin speaking out boldly concerning the destructive direction we are heading because so much of our population is deceived. While faith, family and freedom are openly attacked, most of the church seems to be sleeping, uninformed or indifferent.

As Paul said in Acts 20, we must warn everyone every night and day with tears, and hold back nothing that is profitable.  We must challenge those who understand the importance of faith, family and freedom to awaken out of their sleep. 

I do not want future generations to be asking of us, “Where were you when freedom died?”

I believe our viewers and supporters of LIFE Outreach are a very real part of what the Bible refers to as the “remnant” that can be used to inspire an awakening.  I am convinced if we stand together in prayerful agreement, we will witness the greatest move of God in history.

Our nation is, without question, being presently led on a path toward non-scriptural social justice.  Manipulators are convincing many churchgoers that failure to support this disastrous trend is lack of compassion.  My heart is broken over the sleeping church and the misinformed, deceived population in the United States and throughout the free world.

I am led to call church leaders and pastors together in prayer to seek God’s will concerning our nation.  There is a spirit of division and confusion prevailing in Washington as prayer and faith seem unimportant.  Problems are not being solved; they are increasing.  Meaningful attention to the plight of the poor is lacking today, and socialism is not the answer.  History confirms socialist governments always run out of other people’s money

Most elected representatives do not understand our founding principles or absolutes

I sincerely believe with the prayerful participation and the influence of people of faith, those who truly love God, we can inspire and insist that our leaders reason together concerning the moral, spiritual and physical issues facing us today. 

The church and caring, praying people can, and must, offer meaningful solutions to problems that government cannot effectively address without wisdom from God.

I am compelled to call for national repentance and a spiritual awakening. Transformed people are essential if we are going to restore freedom’s foundation and help return our nation to sanity. Without a spiritual awakening and divine guidance, Americans will likely continue to follow leaders who do not understand the principles necessary for freedom to survive and those without the character or conviction needed to uphold them.  This is why I am led to call church leaders together in prayer.

I must have the support of concerned friends to help deliver the message of repentance and hope to virtually every home in the civilized world through the LIFE TODAY telecast. God will use the program to help inspire people to pray, become informed and take a stand.  I need prayerful support to bring church leaders together and continue giving attention to the suffering around the world who depend on our assistance, including the missionaries.  

I am praying for the greatest expression of encouragement and financial support we have ever received. Your help makes it possible for us to continue helping the suffering while calling for repentance to turn the tide in our nation and restore freedom’s foundation.

We need not fear because our hope is in Christ, and together we can share His love and His transforming truth.

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  1. Oh, it’s MY class warfare politics? It’s not the government’s?
    Visit reality once in a while, or don’t you want people to hear the truth about what’s going on? It would expose all the rich elitists trying to take over the world, wouldn’t it?

  2. I am asking friends and our pastor to join you in this true concern James. My husband and I will also being praying for you two and our country. When are you getting the people together? In September? Thank you for speaking out about this. The Father loves both of you dearly. Praying for victory and a complete turn around of these terrible circumstances in Jesus’ name.
    Karin and Lee Noack

  3. Quit your class warfare politics, you jerk!

  4. The spirit of antichrist in the form of modern socialism and globalisation is rampant throughout the Western (English speaking) nations. Christian culture is under attack and brought about mainly through countries subscribing to the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1984-5. Legislation has been put in place progressively in many countries to comply with this declaration. The US is the biggest stumbling stone the globalisation plans due to the sovereignty of the states and the strong Christian heritage. Australia (also with sovereign states) is similarly being hijacked with about 4000 pieces of legislation introduced to comply with the Declaration. Many pieces of legislation lay dormant to be activated at the appropiriate times. I have been aware of it for at least 15 years but warnings fall on deaf ears or on those who are powerless to do anything about it. Politicians dont want to hear it.
    Tim Janes
    NSW Australia

  5. As General Manager of a Christian Radio station in Wisconsin who pulled our support of a Christian event where Jim Wallis spoke, I applaud James for his wisdom and insight on the false teachings infecting our churches on marxism and social justice. As Christians, more than ever, we need the power of the Holy Spirit to discern false teachings that tickle the ears.

    God bless you Jim and Betty for your courageous stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ. My wife and I have been supporters and will increase our giving to your ministry.

    Mike LeMay
    Q90 FM

  6. Yes, I agree with your comments, James. I am irate! I just heard that our “President” once again today is blaming the Republicans for not allowing the unemployment compensation to be extended for 2.1 million Americans. THIS IS A LIE!!!! How many Americans know what is REALLY happening??? We won’t hear this truthful message either from any network other than FOX NEWS.

    The truth is the Republicans voted the extension down because the Obama administration wants to BORROW MORE MONEY to finance this extension of unemployment benefits. The Republicans refuse to borrow more money and are insisting this money IS AVAILABLE from the stimulus money that is still available from the previous stimulus money! Today the new senator was appointed in WV to replace Senator Byrd. So, tomorrow Obama will now have his Democrat 60 votes that is just enough to pass this extension of benefits – USING MORE BORROWED MONEY. Incredible, James!

    Wow, we REALLY need PRAYER for America and God’s hand to intervene in these times!

    May God continue to bless you, Betty & family, and your ministry.

    Chuck Cape
    Canton, Georgia

  7. I bear witness with your concerns. I thank God for inspiring you to come forward. I pray to God that others will awaken.

    God bless you and your family.

  8. I agree and support you with your concerns. You and Betty are in my prayers for endurance and wisdom and success in reaching out to all of America. I’m grateful for your standing your ground on God’s Word and the plan he has for his believers no matter the consequences. Thank You Both!! God Bless You and your family, Amen! Char

  9. I can’t express how good it feels to hear a respected Christian leader speaking out boldy about the path our country is taking.
    I have become very frustrated with the seeming lack of concern and/or understanding of fellow Christians and the “political correctness” of those trusted to lead. I have even heard ” Wouldn’t Jesus have been a Socialist? ” from Christian teachers in our public school system! Our failure to educate the last generation about our country’s history and the true nature of Socialism, Communism etc has led to dangerous ignorance and idealism.
    I am also stunned at my Christian friends and acquaintances who continue to vote for candidates who support abortion – even horrendous ” partial-birth” abortion. Its hard for me to comprehend how anyone could be blinded to the sin being committed against our children, but I believe our luke-warm attitude toward God has led to lack of true understanding about many moral issues.

    We are facing huge obstacles in taking back our country from the immorality and passivity of its citizens and the zeal for power of its current leaders. Thankfully we serve a God who can cause the blind to see; the lame to walk; and raise the dead ! I believe our country needs a little of all three right now.
    May God bless you in your efforts. I’m praying with you

    Vanessa Womack

  10. I sincerely believe it has already died or is near death. I bear witness with your concerns.

  11. The Ohio governor is serenading basketball player LeBron James in a “We Are the World” video rendition, as his state teeters on the verge of complete bankruptcy. This is the lunacy in which we live, or at least for those of us who see it.

    This goes beyond deception. It is as evil as it gets. Ninety percent of the population is running around like a bunch of hypnotized zombies as freedom and prosperity is on life support.

    There should be so many comments on Rev. Robison’s article that they can’t all be published! There should be TENS OF THOUSANDS reading this and talking about it. How about it churches and people — are we going to help him spread the word? Or is there a breaking story about Lindsey Lohan?

  12. James, Thank you for speaking out, asking Christians to repent from our own entitlement mentality. There are so many ways that Christians could help to provide an alternative system to government-provided assistance so that everyone who truly needs help could receive it without using tax money to do so. Imagine the impact if every Christian would start to set an example of trusting God to live within our own means, even after retiring, at the same time not neglecting the needs those less fortunate. Stuff is nice, but we don’t need so much of it to be blessed. Thanks again, may God provide you with success and wisdom to set up ways to accomplish your vision.

  13. Dear James and Betty,
    I had tears in my eyes when I read that you and Betty are going to speak out boldly for saving our faith, family and freedoms. My husband and I are about your and Betty’s age, we are so greaved about what is happening in our country. We have every confidence in your leadership. Your team came to our church several years ago. It made a huge difference in our life and our church. We no longer live there, but in a smaller town. We go to a treditional church, with good people, that love the Lord. We are praying that all would get involved in the saving our country. You and Betty will be in our prayers. God Bless You !! LOVE FROM TEXAS

  14. Father,

    We thank you and we recognize the miracle of our life paths and the lessons we have learned, because we know it was all for your purpose. We thank you for your wisdom and your ever-present protection and love. We pledge to work without fear in the way you have called us, whether behind the scenes or out in the front lines, as James and Betty are doing. You have brought us all together for a reason…across this nation and throughout the world.

    I pray for an awakening, just as James and Betty have requested…That we will join together and shine through the darkness of this hour and rip free the blindfolds the systems of this world have used to cover so many eyes. We break all of the deceitful coverings, in Jesus’ mighty name, so that many more will draw closer to you and see through the false promises of this temporary world. We pray for your return, so that YOUR kingdom shall come, on earth as it is in heaven.


  15. James I know God has chosen you to awake this nation and the church. Once again a pivotal time in the history of our great nation is at hand. I have watched you and Betty for 7 years now and seen you strength and your struggles. I love you both very much and will help and encourage you in any way I can and will start with prayer. You have been called to come forward to help bring us back to a nation under god. Like 234 year ago 56 men took a step of faith under god and America was born. Now we the Americans and teh church of today must go in faith under god to save our nation.

    Jeff T.

  16. You and Betty are on the mark, James. I will pray for you. True revival and reformation of the church is the only answer~then the society can be effected to follow. God bless you! Thank you for speaking out…Ruth

  17. Dear James and Betty,

    Thank you both for taking this awesome responsibility. I will be with you all the way.
    I am simply a messenger … and we all know what traditionally happens to messengers.
    Our nation is heading in the wrong direction and much of the responsibility lies in the church.
    I also believe that the United States of America, is a country founded on Christian principles!
    We are seeing our Christian Heritage on such a dramatic decline and it is very sad that many are not particularly worried about it. We must NOT forget to protect and celebrate our fundamental freedoms that the Bible has influenced. I think people need to be realistic about what the situation is and what steps they can take, practically, to be prepared for difficult times. Also, part of that is an understanding that the real solution is not a political solution but a morally and spiritually based solution. Until our country returns to the core values upon which it was founded, values based on the Bible. The real solutions will only be obtain when, we as a nation put God of the Bible back into the United States of America, my country I love so dearly.

  18. I believe James is sincere. Most wealthy people in this nation are not concerned about what is happening. How do I know this? Because the wealthy have the power and the connections to change it and nothing is being done. By and large, it is not part of the wealthy culture to speak out about government systems or the lower class.

    There is no difference between the socialism perpetuating by government and the socialism being perpetuated or ignored by the wealthy, or churches for that matter. It all comes from the same greedy, filthy place. Why not be like Beijing and lock the poor in their own neighborhoods so you don’t have to see or deal with them, unless you need a donation or migrant labor.

    Quit bashing, manipulating and abusing poor people and get a backbone for protecting this country. No one wants a handout from any of you. If we don’t start thinking of each other, we are all doomed.

    The above article outlines the problem. In case you’re wondering, this all is the SOURCE of the problem.


  19. I agree …and I’m praying that we the people of America will restore the common bond which made our nation great!

    The Broken Common Bond

  20. Dear James and Betty,

    I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you are willing to listen to God’s call on your lives and again speak out boldly on behalf of our nation. The late 1970’s and early 1980’s were critical in our nation’s history, and you helped encourage and bring about a return to sanity with the election of Ronald Reagan. You helped to awaken the church back then, and it can happen again. You have my prayer and financial support. I say preach it brother, while you still have the opportunity and we still have a chance!

    God bless you!

  21. I agree and love that Betty and James are so moved to call on our nation to return to being who God called us to be. I have listened with increasing horror at how our government and ‘leaders’ are becoming so corrupt. On Sunday I was watching Dr. Charles Stanley who called on Christians around the nation to pray for 140 days together for the direction our country. I know that Dr. Stanley has been on Life Today with the Robisons. I think it would be amazing if they joined together to beseech the country to pray and change their direction. James and Betty together are two of Gods best soldiers in the war on complacencey. The Spirit speaks through them and I thank God for them. God Bless!!!

  22. James,

    I agree heart and spirit with where the Lord is leading you. The Father is looking for a remnant ‘church without walls’ no division, no disputes, just obedience. I pray that His church will awaken to the danger. I will lift you and Betty and your ministry up in prayer.

    Catherine Vermeersch
    Gerogetown, KY

  23. My husband and I agree with you and we pray daily for our precious USA to wake up. I think we are getting what we deserve. Lord have mercy on us,and our world.

    Fred & Sharon Miller
    Findlay, Ohio

  24. Thank God there are prophets who are still in the land and willing to take that stand to speak what the Holy Spirit is revealing today. I agree with you totally. I have watched how God has continually changed your heart since the 80’s and you have much to say to this nation as God has spoken to your heart. We as a nation have been quick to address the problems, but it seems the Church has no solutions. I have prayed and will continue to pray that God will use you, or whomever, to bring repentance and wake up a church that has been asleep for too long. Please continue to “blow the trumpet”.
    Thy Kingdom Come,

  25. Thank you for being so open about what you believe. I understand how you feel, although I do not live in America. I watch your show on TBN Africa and also watch the 700 Club and hear all the news about what is happening in your country. There seems to be so much wrong in our world today and the only thing I think we can do is to keep on believing that God is in control. I really love your show and have so much admiration for you and Betty. I pray that you will continue to be a blessing to all your viewers and I will continue to support you when I am able. God bless you both.Kind regards – Sheila Roberts

  26. Quote: “Americans will likely continue to follow leaders who do not understand the principles necessary for freedom to survive and those without the character or conviction needed to uphold them. This is why I am led to call church leaders together in prayer.”

    -Exchange the word “Americans” with the word “Christians”. We have “leaders” in the churches who are clueless about our founding principles as a nation and who are clueless about walking in liberty, not only as an American citizen but liberty in Christ. You say to return to sanity. Many, many Christians have no idea what that looks like. Many like myself have become disillusioned and have subsequently stayed away from the organized fellowships because of weak, uninformed spiritual leadership. I am personally finding more spiritual bread via the internet than I ever have in all the years of attending a church facility.
    -I am in total agreement with you in using the Life Outreach venue to reach ears that will hear. The name of your ministry is quite prophetic in manifold ways if you take the time to really look at the title. This is a life and death situation in this nation and you have the gifting and the anointed tongue to speak truth into the airwaves. I see you before the Joint Session of Congress speaking to our national representatives thundering words of truth with clarity and admonishing those facing the podium. Our leaders need to hear the voice of the Almighty and I truly see God using you as the messenger. I see you in the public arena giving the clarion call, even more so than you are now.
    -I am 61 years of age and am appalled with how much revisionist history was fed to me as a youth. I’m trying my best to make up for lost time, but this old mind does not work that quickly anymore. I talk with my peers at work and in the body of Christ and they are even less informed than I am. The fellowship I left 2+ years ago won’t go anywhere near the national issues other than the token voter registration and making people aware of certain local bills…it will indeed be a miracle of God if they take it beyond the standard fare.
    -Yes the church needs to wake up but that has to be clearly defined. I think for many it would be waking up in a room they do not recognize. There needs to be an element of recognition before one realizes they have awakened or were ever asleep. It is difficult to orient one’s self when there are no familiar land marks.
    -Prayer is number one, however educating with the truth on many fronts is necessary for liberty to prevail in this nation.
    -Manifold blessing to all of you and everything you do and are.

  27. I just love to read your “new” columns. Your passion for our American freedoms are inspiring. I applaud your obedience and dedication to the leading of the Lord on this subject. Please know that your efforts are not falling on deaf ears. You are inspiring people all over this world and I for one am praying that you will not give up this fight. God Bless you and Betty.