Already, many candidates and major media are moving into full swing for next year’s elections. We must first understand what must be done before we can identify who can best help do it. Perhaps as important as any time since our founding, those who believe in divine providence and eternal principles must become well-informed and actively involved in the political process.

“What,” Not “Who”

Already, many candidates and major media are moving into full swing for next year’s elections. We must first understand what must be done before we can identify who can best help do it. Perhaps as important as any time since our founding, those who believe in divine providence and eternal principles must become well-informed and actively involved in the political process. Christians, pastors, and all church leaders must totally reject the lie that “separation of church and state” means people of faith must remain silent, uninformed and uninvolved. Those who recognize truth and stand for it can turn the tide.

Our nation’s founders knew that the limits of the Constitution were placed on the government, not the people or religion. The right to stand up and support first principles is both a privilege and a responsibility. True freedom grants citizens the right to choose and we have a responsibility to choose right. The Bible declares, “Righteousness exalts the nation”1 The psalmist affirms, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”2 “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice.”3

The only solid ground on which individual lives, families, communities and nations can safely build is the foundation consistent with unshakable biblical truth. When the weight of God’s kingdom impacts planet earth, you will clearly witness the footprints of our Father in heaven revealed through yielded lives, wise leadership, enforceable laws and national policies. The stage is set for a spiritual awakening. Now is the time for Christians to stand together as a mighty army in the face of all evil—even when it masquerades as the source upon which people are encouraged to depend.

The Old Testament reveals that God as Father wanted a family through which He could bless all the nations of the earth. The wise will learn from Israel’s journey. Paul said in the New Testament that what happened to Israel was an example for us.4 When ancient Israel wandered into idolatrous foolishness, they always ended up in oppression and bondage. Search the scriptures and observe the progression from freedom to slavery, from prosperity to poverty. In Genesis, the Israelites sold themselves into Egyptian bondage under the pharaohs. And then, after the Lord led them into the Promised Land, over and over they rejected God’s rule and ended up oppressed, until they repented.5 Once God restored their freedom and blessings, however, the cycle of rejection and oppression would start over again.

Now is the time for all Americans to choose whom and what they will serve. Christians must respond to the invitation issued by the prophet Joel to “return to God…and rend our hearts and not our garments.”6 There’s no time for religious ritual and meaningless tradition, but for the transforming worship of the living God. Truly transformed people have a positive impact on every aspect of life and culture. The profound effect of those living in the light and power of His kingdom is also revealed in history.

The correct question which demands focused prayer and active participation is, “What must we do?” rather than “Who should we elect?” When the citizens know the “what,” they will insist the “who” makes the right decisions or put them out of office as soon as possible. If all professing Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, along with Jewish people and those who believe the Bible is reliable, will stand together, the foundations will be restored, the walls of protection rebuilt and the people will have reason to rejoice.

Along with many national and church leaders, I’m seeking to know what must be done in order to effectively deal with present-day challenges. We must hold fast to moral principles and also make wise decisions concerning fiscal policies and practices. Some legislation and policies may be well-intended and based on sound moral principles, but they don’t work because they are based on bad economics. There is a difference between a principle and a policy.

For instance, you might believe that since God is concerned about the poor (a principle), we should raise the minimum wage to a $1,000 an hour and then everyone would be rich (a policy). But believing won’t make it so. The policy would create massive unemployment whether we like it or not. Permit me to share some of the obvious “what’s” to consider while seeking divine guidance. It is important to recognize:

  • As the Pledge of Allegiance states, we are a nation under God; and as our currency proclaims, our trust is in God—not “gov.” If national leaders do not acknowledge what America’s founders understood concerning the importance of divine providence, there will be no recovery.
  • All life must be protected and seen as precious with unlimited potential however unexpected or planned for. Remember, we can clearly learn from Nazi Germany that something can be legal but also very evil (i.e., the horrific extermination of the Jews and others considered less than perfect or unimportant).
  • America must stand in the best interests of Israel against the evil forces calling for its destruction.
  • Marriage is between a man and a woman and must be viewed as sacred. The strength of our nation depends on strong families, and national policy must protect marriage.
  • There are moral absolutes. No person’s failure reduces or redefines the standards carved in stone by the finger of God and revealed in His Word. We must find a way to stop judges and courts from misinterpreting the Constitution and writing their own laws.
  • Success and prosperity may be mishandled by some, but the potential for success that produces opportunity for all and prosperity at different levels is not the problem. Those we elect must keep the free market free, healthy and under the influence of people who understand the importance of personal responsibility.
  • There are forces of good and evil, and they must be wisely and rightly defined, discerned and resisted. A strong national defense is critical. Radical Islam and terrorism are serious threats. Extreme environmental activism is, also.
  • Depending on the federal government as our source is idolatry. We must control it, or it will control us. Stop the madness! Hitler believed that Germany needed a government over the people, not of the people. God deliver us from this kind of insanity.
  • Out-of-control spending, mismanagement of the people’s money and excessive, intrusive regulation is as wrong and immoral as stealing. Spending must be brought under control now, at whatever sacrifice. This does not include foolishly giving the government more of the people’s money to waste or mismanage.
  • We the people” must be understood to mean that we all have a “dog in the show.” We are all responsible. We can’t just lay the load and responsibility on others, no matter how many twisted thinkers try to play the blame game. The opportunities and possibilities to succeed is not the problem. Don’t blame opportunity, begin inspiring and teaching responsibility. We must find a way for every citizen to help in some way shoulder the load. This can be accomplished without being unfair and riding on anyone’s back.
  • Deal with excessive, foolish taxation and revamp the tax code along with the IRS so we can rejoice together because it will stimulate economic growth. This would create jobs and ultimately enable us to better assist the suffering, the weak, helpless and poor—not with just a handout, but with compassionate hands extended. The church can and must set the example.
  • Let the people go. Turn them loose and behold the miracle made possible when people are truly free to be productive while assuming personal responsibility. Nehemiah rebuilt the wall in 52 days. Impossible? Not with God!
  • The church must be delivered from the spirit of religion and filled with the Holy Spirit, leading us to the supernatural unity that produces holy harmony. National leaders must rise above partisanship and reason together, seeking effective solutions to serious challenges.

Now is the time for us to become the city set on a hill that cannot and will not be hid. This is the time for action. God is anxious to make up for the years the locusts have eaten, to pour out the former and latter rain, to reveal His love and His ways to those living in darkness, who are controlled by a worldview that denies God’s truth, minimizes it or ignores it. Never doubt, it is the enemy’s desire to bring all of God’s creation into bondage and defeat, ultimately leading to destruction. God and His truth offer fullness in life, fruitfulness and freedom manifested by abundant life with or without the abundance of material possessions.

The sad fact is, many people—including Christians—have not handled blessings and prosperity well. The church has grown in character strengths more through persecution and poverty than in prosperity. Do not make the mistake, however, of interpreting this as the perfect will of God. It is not! He wants us to live as overcomers in this life—trusting Him, living in Promised Land blessing, enjoying all things richly, enduring all things, assisting those who suffer and rejoicing continually when facing all trials or when exalted beyond measure.

I am declaring to everyone with ears to hear: Now is the time to return to God. Stand up like a mighty army! Pierce the darkness, storm the gates of hell, set captives free, correct our course, reclaim the land, make God the “who” in our personal and national life, and point people to the “what.” We will never find the right “who” until we know the right “what.” When the population understands the “what to do,” we can find the “who” to help lead and insist that every “who” does the right “what.”

Be assured when the Lord is our Shepherd, He leads us to lie down in green pastures, not a barren desert and beside still waters, not devastating storms (although He surely helps us overcome their impact). He comforts us in the valley of death, defeat or despair, and even while facing enemies, He prepares a table before us and anoints our head with the oil of His abiding presence May we together run to the shelter of the Shepherd who will lead us to “what” and “who.”

1 Proverbs 14:34
2 Psalm 33:12
3 Proverbs 29:2
4 1 Corinthians 10:6, 11
5 Nehemiah 9
6 Joel 2:12-13


James Robison is co-authoring the book Indivisible with Jay Richards to be released early next year. They will help clearly identify what must be done spiritually and nationally to restore faith, family and freedom.

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  1. I love the way you think. You are not only articulate; you are obviously intelligent and highly educated. I would like to know who you are. I agree with the insight, wisdom and defensible clarity with which you communicated. Primarily, you were referencing my call to leaders in Washington to come and reason together. Remember through Isaiah, that is an invitation God gave and, of course, reason begins with Him, as wisdom comes from above.  If the people will get their heads out of the sand, we can insist that congressional leaders sit down, because part of politics is persuasion. It’s not going to separate corners, shouting and flinging verbal assaults at one another.

    What you have done in your response is actually an invitation to reason and you have set forth not only a persuasive argument, but one that is soundly based on biblical principles and first principles as our founders understood them.  I cannot imagine how thoughtful people would not be influenced by what you said even though their worldview may have them presently flying inverted and their decisions suddenly reveal what they think is up is actually down, leading to catastrophic consequences. We need leaders with the wisdom you have and the determination not to tolerate dangerous policies no matter how frequently people invoke a sound principle in order to defend it. If our population would understand the “what,” they would find the “who.” And if our leaders would shut up, sit still and listen long enough to reasonable people like you, we could adjust the course of our ship of state and restore the foundation enabling us to continue as the most prosperous, benevolent nation in history.

  2. Very good, however: “National leaders must rise above partisanship and reason together, seeking effective solutions to serious challenges.”

    Those who debate with Veritas (Essential Truth) can never reason with sophists (who seek to define truth as may seem right to them) to arrive at effective solutions. They can only be DEFEATED! No Compromise!

    The word “tolerance” in civil discourse sounds nice, but have you ever considered what would happen if an aircraft mechanic decided to “tolerate” an essential part of the airliner to remain out of specification? In other words, should he be allowed to let a potentially deadly circumstance remain outside the tolerance?

    Suppose a machine is built to operate with loose fitting parts in order to manufacture widgets. There is a little bit of give or “play” there, but if there is too much of a gap, the machine ceases to operate and may even endanger the plant employees! If it has fallen out of tolerance to the point that it will not function or endangers lives, should we “tolerate” it remaining outside of the designed specifications?

    Our Creator gave us a free will. Our Creator established Natural Laws within His Grand Design, but they only operate effectively within a certain set of parameters. He has also extended a measure of tolerance within that design through grace and mercy. But if we eat poison, will we not die? If we step off a tall building because we chose to ignore God’s Laws of Physics, will we not plunge to our death (that is of course unless we can enlist the effects of His Higher Law of Aerodynamics through parachutes or wings)?

    The sanctity of Life and Marriage and the family, et al. likewise will only operate effectively within the tolerances outlined by God for our happiness and welfare. If others seek to smash the rules or ignore them — that is take us outside of these “tolerances” — will not the machine break down? Will they not perish? Will they not eventually drag us and our children into their destruction? Haven’t they already done so? Has not our national machine of prosperity not ceased to operate? We are outside of the specs!

    Tolerance is a nice, kind word, but it has limited value in the current public discourse.

    Bottom Line: There are just things that should NOT be tolerated!

  3. Enjoyed the article and so glad many ministries are heeding the call to rally the people. Church has failed in so many areas. I have a little saying “Don’t call the government in, call the church out.” We are so thrilled with the ministries and volunteers that helped in Joplin. We have our great church buildings and pray for the day they will again operate as the church, both physically and spiritually. I believe we will see the day when we will break bread together and comfort each other with a word or a psalm, house to house. The watchmen see what is coming and a shout is going out.

    My generation remembers standing in line waiting patiently for a loaf of bread and our sugar ration. My Dad was in the 45th Division so we had very little to live on. We ate a lot of beans, potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. I was very young, but remember it vividly. I was so happy to find a mill that had been dropped on the ground. They would add up. It took 10 to make a penny. I had no idea we were poor and was quite happy with what we had. We were in church every time the doors opened and back then we could go 7 days a week. I am still quite close to those that were raised with me and consider them still as family. My parents grew up in that church, married someone in the church and all of us kids were raised in that church together. There was no divorce. While my Dad was gone other men in the church would help patch the tires, and try to keep the car running when we had one. When the car quit we would walk to church.

    We are spread from one end of this country to the other now, but still text each other, call each other and still pray for one another. We all shared what we had back then and we were never without. God has been so faithful and merciful to this Nation. We need to heed and prepare for the future. Civilizations come and go. We must pray and change the way our country is heading if we intend ro remain a beacon to the world.

  4. I believe that nothing is impossible for God.Thats where we need alot of prayer and fasting for our leaders and we need to be the example of integrity
    the church has been silent for way to long we need to show by example and to live what we say we believe.We need to be courageous and start standing up for right and wrong according to the bible we cant be silent no more

  5. You state: “National leaders must rise above partisanship and reason together, seeking effective solutions to serious challenges.” Many national (and local) leaders insist that abortion is a right. Those leaders are absolute about abortion. It is non-negotiable. How can they rise above partisanship and reason together with those kinds of leaders?

    Even if everyone in the U.S.A. read your blog above, enough would be adamant on the point of abortion as to make the quoted plea impossible.

    I understand what you mean, but the U.S.A. is so far away from national leaders rising above partisanship that the possibility is essentially zero in the near future. If any changes along the lines you wish to happen are to have any possibility of becoming reality, more fundamental changes must occur within American society.

    Our national leaders are living in the penthouse of a skyscraper with a good foundation (the Constitution) but floor upon floor of corrupted structure. To reach those national leaders, those many floors of corrupted structure must first be uncorrupted.

  6. The Holy Spirit graces those that the Holy Spirit sees fit to grace. Whether that grace is accepted or not is up to the individual.

    Jesus’ disciples had a unique opportunity to see “GOD” as He would appear as a living, breathing, human being. They watched Him rebuke those who would follow their sins rather than rebuke their sins and follow His example. Anyone who was willing to rebuke their sinful nature and take up their cross in His Name was instantly forgiven and promised eternal salvation. Accidents can happen and forgiveness is always there for those accidents, however, if you outright deny His Truth, you are hurting yourself and your neighbors.

    Join the Anti-tolerance league

  7. Having helped out with two crusades in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, I can vouch for this Christian ministry. Glen Beck has made many references to the Bible and what God’s Word tells us, especially for these very troubling times. I thank Glenn and his endeavours to hear what men of God have to say about the political, international and spiritual roller coaster rides most countries of the world are having at this time. I agree with the Robison article and what Glen had to say about it. I encourage both gentlemen to stay on course to try to steer the USA away from the menacing rocks and boulders confronting us now! Keep the faith, stay strong. With God’s help and the Lord Jesus Christ at the forefront, there is hope for the USA, only if Christians do not give up. As Glenn said, a lot of people give up just before the finishing line, but there is that one video on Youtube that shows the female runner crawling across the finishing line in great pain, BUT SHE MADE IT.