The Bible declares, “In the last days perilous times will come.

Stand Together…or Fall Apart

The Bible declares, “In the last days perilous times will come. There will be wars and rumors of wars – the love of many will wax cold, but those who stand and endure will be saved.” As Jesus looked down at Jerusalem before His crucifixion, fully aware of the prophesied desolation and destruction of the city, He offered the most awesome invitation to come to the shelter of His wings and the shadow of the Almighty as He expressed the longing of His heart in the following way, “As the hen offers security and safety beneath her wings, so our God lovingly offers us the necessary protection and provision no power of Pharaoh, flesh, governments, or mere promises of man can possibly provide.”

As a nation we presently face the potential catastrophic consequences of a steady departure from God, His truth, His promises, and the principles that have proven to be as solid as granite rock. They are never actually broken; they are defied by mankind and the consequences always, ultimately break those who rebel. Referencing once again what President Lincoln said, “If destruction be our lot, we ourselves will be its author and finisher.” God’s Word frequently asks, “Have you not done this to yourselves”…by defying God and disregarding His will?

Jesus’ prayer that His disciples and all who believe in Him would become one with the Father and with each other has never been more critically important. He stated that the “world would know we are His disciples because we love one another and those who love Him” will seek with all their hearts to “keep His commandments.” 

Today many only “honor God with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him.” Much of our population, including some professing religious people, have moved away from principles based on biblical truth and true believers have refused to become one. Many have allowed a disagreement to lead to divorce not only in marriages, but within the family of God rather than allowing iron to sharpen iron and become a keener, more meaningful cutting edge. People of faith have bludgeoned one another and hit head on, dulling the effectiveness of the cutting edge of truth. Our nation is discussing, defending and trying to impose practices that show no regard for life, liberty, truth and realistic possibilities of pursuing true happiness.

Can you believe that as I have called for prayer regarding a spiritual awakening, a return to God and the restoration of freedom’s foundation, I have been called a racist, a political activist, a fool, homophobic, and against individual rights. Nothing could be further from the truth! I want all who are poor and who suffer to find not only help, but hope. I openly oppose selfishness and greed and the indifference that has not only left people unnecessarily struggling, but allowed the promises of men to be substituted for the truth of God. Any hope for meaningful help from God has been replaced by an out-of-control, all-consuming federal government. The blame is not to be laid at the feet of any one party or politician. This drift away from God, godliness and the principles of our founders has been increasing for many decades.

Those of you who know anything of our ministry know that the last thing in the world I am is racist. In the early 1960’s I was openly fighting for desegregation, civil rights and exalting the importance of granting equal opportunity and respect to all – regardless of race or social standing. I was openly taking a stand in stadiums and coliseums in behalf of civil rights in harmony with Martin Luther King, Jr. and other ministry leaders, including Billy Graham.

We have spent over 20 years saving the lives of the beautiful, precious children and their families on the continent of Africa. We have continually assisted and encouraged all people to share their blessings with others. We have provided food for the hungry and clean water for the thirsty in many impoverished areas of the world. We have diligently sought to help the helpless and those who suffer in over 50 nations.

Betty and I, along with caring ministers and missionaries, have inspired people from all races, denominations, classes, economic levels and political parties to join us recognizing the importance of proving that “love never fails.” We share love daily around the world through television encouraging those who struggle and are defeated, continually offering them hope and spiritual help. Our prayer center is taking calls from people with broken hearts and in need of spiritual encouragement 24 hours a day.

I have boldly pointed out that all political parties have failed to properly address issues they were chosen to wisely deal with. Far too often those elected disregard not only those they represent, but the principles of our founders and the Constitution itself. Just this week in California a judge struck down the law defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, misinterpreting the Constitution with a clenched fist in the face of a holy God while denying biblical and moral truth. I believe according to God and biblical truth that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. California, as well as the people in every state when gay marriage is on the ballot, has voted against it.

In love, our ministry has and always will offer hope to any homosexual or heterosexual who has failed. We have all missed the mark. Our failure, however, does not negate, nullify or lessen the importance of moral standards. There is an all-out assault on marriage and the family. This is in fact an attack on religious beliefs and moral absolutes. The negative effect is clearly demonstrated in the fact that 50 years ago illegitimacy was five percent, now it is over 40 percent.

There is an attack on the Judeo-Christian faith, basic morality and freedom itself. May God help us to learn the importance of standing together in love on the foundation of truth and refusing to compromise by bowing to the godless trends being thrust upon the American people and the world. If we do not resist the influence of the powers and principalities of darkness, putting on the whole armor of God and stand together, we will in fact fall apart. Jesus clearly understood the importance of prayer and the liberating power of unadulterated truth.

It’s amazing to hear how some have reacted to my call for an awakening and repentance saying they will no longer help us help others – spiritually or by meeting their needs. They have slapped a label on me obviously misunderstanding what God has taught me through many months of prayer and over 60 years observing the consequence of men’s actions which are very disturbing. I deeply love all who misunderstand my concern and misrepresent it. Please hear not only my heart, but the heart of God.

I desire to offer meaningful help and real hope to everyone. This hope can only be found in God and those who express His heart while standing firmly on His word. It is in this way that Jesus will be lifted up and draw others to Himself. I long for everyone to see Jesus clearly. Each one of us needs to be refreshed by the presence of the Lord through personal repentance and His abounding grace.

How can true believers not presently stand together unwavering in defense of the unborn – the most innocent, helpless of all God’s creation? Had the present prevailing laws been in place in 1943, I would never have been born to a desperate 41-year-old woman who had been forced into a sexual relationship. I would have been aborted! Our two daughters and seven of our grandchildren would have never been born had the practices today been in place at my conception.

This is not even referencing the more than 20 million people who have made public professions of faith in Christ as I have proclaimed the gospel in stadiums, coliseums and churches. What about the millions of people whose lives have been saved through the mission and relief outreaches of LIFE around the world? Millions of precious little lives along with their family members have been rescued by the love of God we have been privileged to share with the help of caring Christians and compassionate people.

When you stop and think about America alone, we have not only witnessed, but have allowed the practice to continue with over 50 million unborn children aborted in what should be the safest place on the planet: a mother’s womb. To even mention that these things should be prayerfully considered and a legitimate concern brings vicious anger, wrath, protests and accusations as well as name calling from those who disagree.

If there has ever been a time when we need your prayers and for you to stand with us maintaining the wonderful outreaches God has called us to, it is at this time. Please, please pray for us that God will inspire believers to stand together and that those who care will join uscontinuing to share the life and love of God along with relief and help to those who suffer. If you believe in what God has called us to do, please prayerfully support the outreaches of LIFE.

Together we find indescribable joy demonstrating the truth illustrated in the story of the Good Samaritan.

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  1. Roughly $145 billion in taxpayer funds have been used to cover their losses.
    And now at the IMF meeting 7-29-10 world leaders suggested privatizing and breaking them up. WOW!

    I wonder what our leaders in Washington are going to do?

    We have a out of control Federal Government.

    May God bless and help the taxpayers!

  2. Mr. Robison,

    I am grateful for all the years you preached the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I am afraid you have strayed from that gospel. I do not know if you have allowed your patriotism to surpass you allegiance to Christ or have such a desire for fame that it pushes you into compromise.

    You publically affirmed the faith and conversion of Mormon, Glenn Beck. There is not one whit of indication that he converted to Christ. Paul warned of another Christ, another Jesus. If Beck had converted he would not have declared that what Adam and Eve did in the garden was a good thing. They believed the lie that they would become gods, and so does Glenn Beck to this day. If he were saved he would have disavowed the notion God the Father himself was once just a man. He would have left the cult that neither Glorifies the Son, as the only begotten of the Father and teaches there is no hell.

    You are deceived if you think such faith is even remotely Christian.

    Now is the time to come clean before God and denounce his plans for revival in the name of such great men as George Whitefield. Have you not read Whitefield’s sermons?

    Beck denies every doctrine of God Whitefielf preached.

    David J Shedlock

  3. James,

    I stand with you and support you, not only in principle but with my finances as well. What you are saying to the church needs to be said and is being said by too few Christian leaders. Christian families are being torn apart by one person’s desire to uphold the holiness of God and another family member’s belief that God’s holiness can be trounced upon in the name of “grace.” Taking a godly stand is always met with opposition by the “religious” minded but we are not of this world and our focus should always remain on Jesus and how to live our lives in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

    This nation’s hope is in Christ alone and whosoever would, would benefit our country the most by fasting and prayer and demanding truth from government officials. I’ve never heard you mention Glenn Beck but I believe you probably admire his willingness to also be out there shouting for people to renew their faith and hope in God, to fast and pray, while also desiring to know the truth of what’s happening in this country.

    I pray for both of you and your families along with many other Christian leaders, all the government leaders, and the nation of Israel. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have and I believe God is very pleased with the stand you have taken.

    God Bless you.

  4. James,

    I remember a letter that you wrote a few years ago about how God was speaking to you about things to come. Well, I believe these are the days that God was preparing you/us for. There is a lot of shifting and sifting now happening in the Christian community, and God is surely separating the wheat from the shaft. I pray that you continue to stand strong in you faith and continue preaching/teaching the absolutes of God’s commandments, no matter who falls away or who accuses you of being anything except the man of God that you are. What you are now experiencing reminds me of Jesus in John 6:51-66, when He told His disciples that they must “eat His flesh and drink his blood.” Those who once walked with Him turned away and no longer followed Him because they did not understand His teaching. Although they had been among the fold, they had no deep spiritual understand, wisdom, or knowledge. I believe that this kind of situation is now happening with you. But, please remember Jesus still had faithful disciples who stayed with Him and understood His message, and so do you. Keep up the good work!

  5. IMF – Privatizing and Breaking Up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    We met at the highest level, heads of agencies, President of the New York Fed, Chairman Bernanke, Secretary of the Treasury, we had excellent cooperation with the U.S. authorities, and I just want to give every credit to the U.S. authorities for that.

    And as for Fannie and Freddie, the report— we have suggested one reform option that would involve privatizing and breaking up these two housing entities; privatizing their retained portfolio investments; and shifting their public policy responsibilities, including for affordable housing, to an explicitly funded public agency.

    Transcript of a Press Briefing on the International Monetary Fund’s U.S. Financial Sector Assessment Program
    July 29, 2010
    Washington, DC


  6. How anyone could say those things about you is ashame, but we can not let the BAIT of Satan get to us and let these people OFFEND..we just have to PRAY for them..that they will come to see the TRUTH of JEsus..I love watching you and your wife each night..and pray for all the things you do..and will pray for the world..that we can reach many more and bring them to the LORD

  7. James, I thank God that you are saying what so many of us are feeling. You are not alone. The Call, The Call2Fall, and the 140 day fast/prayer through Charles Stanley’s ministry, I believe are all indicating the Church is ripe for revival. That is our only hope for this nation as we know it. We must forget about denominational differences when it is just a matter of preference and not impacting the solid doctrines of the Word of God. May you continue to stand, and may the rest of us do likewise.

    Nancy in Orlando

  8. James, your heart continues to speak loud and clear to those of us that are listening. Yet many listen too but do not hear the message that the Lord continues to speak through you. I am blessed with the many who have known you and Betty as we continue together to march forward in this cause for Christ and all that He gave us on that cross!
    More than we’ll ever know.
    Thank you for always speaking plainly and in truth, for your words and actions are making a difference today.
    I can see Jesus smiling through the tears.

    Daryl Pearson-KC

  9. Dear James,

    I whole-heartedly agree with you and will continue to support life, and LIFE and all its outreaches. May God shed light on truth and the TRUTH to all.

    Joyce Parker