The flow of millions of illegal workers to this country has created a moral crisis.

Illegal Immigration: A Humanitarian Crisis

It can be debated whether or not the flow of millions of illegal workers to this country has created an economic crisis, political crisis, or national security crisis, but one thing is certain: it has created a moral crisis.

I’ve said it hundreds of times, and I will continue to say it: people matter most. You never help people when you forsake truth, compromise principle, and lack compassion. Right now, millions are suffering, and that is not a status quo we should settle for.

Every summer, in Texas and other border states, migrants from Latin America die horrible deaths. While crossing barren land, they fall victim to dehydration or fatigue. They suffocate in the backs of packed trailers and railroad cars.

Yet, even in the face of life-threatening situations they still come. Why? Two reasons: conditions in their own countries encourage them to leave, and opportunities encourage them to come.

One of the reasons we have an illegal immigration problem is the corruption and mismanagement within the governments of Mexico and other countries south of our border. The income gap between the United States and Mexico is the largest between any two adjacent countries in the world, according to Stanford historian David Kennedy.[1]

Of course people want to come to the United States. Who would blame them? On the other hand, why do we allow them to openly violate our laws?

The motivation for allowing undocumented workers into our country ranges from corruption to compassion. Politicians turn a blind eye to the situation to avoid losing votes from the Hispanic community. Many advocate amnesty because they believe it will solidify their support base. Social activists and labor unions exploit the situation for their own personal gain as well. Many companies and small businesses benefit from cheap labor, maximizing their profits but often minimizing the ethical treatment of some employees.

Paradoxically, the goodness of average Americans contributes to the problem. We like to give people in need an opportunity to succeed, and we know that the vast majority of those coming are decent, hard workers who are simply trying to learn valuable trades and improve their families’ lives.

What we all seem to miss is the fact that the current climate constitutes a moral crisis of the highest order. Families are torn apart as able-bodied men leave their wives and children, some never to return. Communities in the poorest regions of Latin America spiral into deeper poverty as the talented and dedicated laborers go north. Human traffickers, known as “coyotes,” reap the benefits of smuggling people across the border often extorting shameful amounts of money from their “cargo.” Migrants passing through Mexico are robbed, beaten, and raped by bandits and even police. Hospitals along the border are taxed under the burden of poor, uninsured patients, leaving everyone without adequate medical care.

Illegal immigration will continue to be a problem as long as economic and political conditions in the United States are drastically better than those in neighboring countries. Few benefit from the current status quo. Long-term good for the whole population will only come when we reform our immigration laws to provide a clear pathway to citizenship, secure the borders, and pressure failed governments to eradicate corruption and pursue aggressive economic policies.

Senator Marco Rubio and other leaders are attempting to bring forth serious legislation, but there is also an attempt to subvert the reform by several different factions, including homosexual activists. Just this week, a proponent in the senate reintroduced an amendment to immigration reform that advances gay marriage. This sort of shameless self-promotion will only destroy the opportunity to truly help people.

The saying goes that good intentions pave the road to hell. Too many poor, desperate Latinos travel a similar road into hellish situations. Without reform, the human rights of millions will continue to be routinely violated. For the sake of those without a voice – either in their home countries or in the United States – we must prayerfully and diligently pursue a humane and intelligent policy of immigration and regional development. This is the right path because it is right for people. We are a blessed nation and we must find appropriate ways to bless others.

Oh Father, You are full of compassion and love. People are the treasures of Your creation, and You love them completely. Thank You for seeing every person even in their trial and tribulation. There is no circumstance too difficult for You to handle. Show us the right path of wisdom and love for our neighbors. Give our leaders discernment as they set laws and regulations that can be a path of life for those who are oppressed and hopeless. Protect the children who are victims of the societies they are born into and of the decisions their parents make. Allow us to be Your hands of justice and compassion.



[1] “The Hispanic Challenge” by Samuel Huntington from the web site of Harvard University, (2007)

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  1. Have listened to so much on immigration. Have come to the conclusion that America can not afford to give amnesty to all of these illegals. They did break the law. We can not reward them. If we do, then others will want to go around the law also.
    Listened to experts on how much this will cost, and we are already way too far in debt. One expert said that they will be allowed to drive and maybe vote, in some states, be on a jury before they become citizens. They will be classed as “former illegals” and will be treated as citizens because they will have permanent residence. Look up the proposed bill for yourself.
    They will get entitlement programs. They will only have to pay back taxes if IRS can prove they owe taxes. Impossible when paid under the table. Employers will not have to pay back payroll taxes. It will mean our immigration laws are worthless.
    We do need to pray about this hard. And we need to fight it, at least until after the border is as secure as possible.
    DHS said border is more secure now than ever. Not so sure that is true.
    Don’t remember the figures, but they will be a drain on taxpayers.
    Let’s not do something in haste (this summer) that can not be undone if it turns out to be a mistake,.
    If the don’t follow the laws to get into our country, why would they follow the laws after they get here?

  2. When new elders and deacons are being considered for a local church, it is natural to look around and see who the Holy Spirit already has functioning in those roles. On immigration, can we assume that as millions of Mexicans want to come to the US on a permanent basis, that perhaps this is a cry of the Spirit to consider Mexico becoming part of the US? Mexico has so much to offer us. And America has so much we could offer them. What if each of the Mexican states would become a US state? The war with Mexico long ago was a blip on a wonderful relationship we have enjoyed with the peoples south of the border.

  3. Please also consider this letter:

    Amnesty rewards illegal acts
    By The Washington Times Friday, May 3, 2013

    The Bible recognizes national borders. When Moses led the Israelites to the Promised Land, he asked the King of Edom for permission to cross through his kingdom, but “Edom came out against them with a large and powerful army. Since Edom refused to let them go through their territory, Israel turned away from them” (Numbers 20:14-21).

    Each year, America welcomes more than 1 million immigrants who have requested permission to enter by following our immigration laws. Our nation has every right to enforce our immigration laws so that our people are not overwhelmed by foreign workers competing for scarce resources such as jobs.

    The Gang of Eight’s immigration amnesty bill will reward more than 11 million foreign lawbreakers with legal status at a time when some 20 million Americans are unemployed. We should not place illegals on the same level as citizens or legal immigrants who respected our laws.

    Everyone wants to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but John 10:1 reads, “[A]nyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.”

    Here’s the good news: Anyone who repents by turning around and taking the right path may enter America or the Kingdom of Heaven. God doesn’t change His laws to accommodate lawless behavior, and neither should our government.

    Valparaiso, Ind.

    Read more:

  4. Stephen Bennett

    Appears you are advocating for amnesty including citizenhip for illegal aliens. Cannot agree with you on that. Amnesty means never having immigration enforcement. Those entering America illegally should not be rewarded for their crime and certainly not given the reward of citizenhip.

  5. How will continually allowing their “best and brightest” to leave their country for America help Mexico? The corruption and chaos in Mexico is encouraged by the fact that they are not forced to address their problems….those who don’t like it just leave for the border and what is left behind festers. Some that come here come here to steal or deal drugs…they all do not come her to work. This idea that everyone coming into the country are angels is crazy. Even among those who come to work the desire to become citizens, Americans is very low. They do not want to assimilate and they also bring their socialist mindset with them…..While I am a compassionate person I believe my country has a duty to it’s CITIZENS FIRST! What about my right to live in a safe country with a secure border? What about my right to not have my tax dollars go to support a growing group of unskilled, uneducated people who have come here illegally, don’t want to assimilate or even learn our language? What about the fact that there are areas in this country where an American citizen can’t get a job if they do not speak a foreign language-Spanish? What about the violence committed against our citizens by illegals….rapes, murders, child molestation? What about the rights of those victims? It is my opinion that many in the churches are pushing for illegals because the want to fill their churches….well maybe if those same people began to speak the truth about what is happening in and to our country…people would come back to church.

  6. edward hyslop jnr.

    Greetings in the name of Jesus James and Bette. I am a British pastor, formerly served as a Military Police officer then subsequently as a civilian police officer. I was in the USA living with my American wife for 6 years and was having my immigration paperwork processed. I have an impeccable background with not even a parking ticket ever written against me in my 58 years of life. I was arrested for absolutely no reason by border patrol in Michigan, thrown in jail for one month, where during my stay I had the joy of leading many to Christ. Immigration apologised to both my wife and myself and told us both that the only reason anyone should ever be arrested by border patrol is if they have entered the country illegally, committed a crime in either the USA or another country. I had never ever done any wrong. I was deported back to UK and have been apart from my dear wife now for 6 months. Because of the laws in Canada permitting entry to their nation if you are a pastor, I am currently in Canada and able to have my wife visit me once a week. We are now trusting God to meet our financial needs to have my paperwork completed in the USA. Please pray for us and those who are wrongfully removed and affected by sometimes over zealous young border patrol officers. God is faithful and well able to do far more exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ever ask think or imagine for.

    Yours in His awesome service.

    Edward Hyslop Jnr.