Betty and I are encouraged by this week’s election results because they seem to indicate that Americans recognize we have been heading in the wrong direction. We see all positive change as answered prayer. But if people believe that a mere shift in leadership will somehow save us, they are dangerously mistaken.

Bigger than the Economy

Betty and I are encouraged by this week’s election results because they seem to indicate that Americans recognize we have been heading in the wrong direction. We see all positive change as answered prayer. But if people believe that a mere shift in leadership will somehow save us, they are dangerously mistaken. No politician can give us the desperately needed insight and direction our nation must have if we are to miss the horrible consequences of self-centeredness, greed, and ungodly thinking that have led us into our present predicament. Without God’s wisdom and direction, we will find no realistic solutions to the nation’s serious problems.

God said through the prophet Jeremiah, “My people are foolish and do not know me. They are stupid children who have no understanding. They are clever enough at doing wrong, but they have no idea how to do right!”[i]

The global economic crisis is the result of idolatry in that God is not first for most people. Pleasure, materialism and economic security have become more important than the things of God. People worry about the economy because they have been deceived into thinking that money can solve all of our problems. While blessings, success and the benefits of freedom and faith are not the problem, they are not the solution, either. Abundant opportunities and blessings are a byproduct of a right relationship with God.

Alexis de Tocqueville shared in his Observations on America that our nation’s prosperity came from the righteousness preached from the pulpits. He noted in the mid-1800s, “There is a strange melancholy that haunts the inhabitants…in the midst of abundance.”  Since that time, Americans have foolishly come to believe that they could satisfy their desire for happiness with the things that prosperity affords, despite de Tocqueville’s declaration, “The incomplete joys of this world will never satisfy the human heart.”

There is nothing wrong with having things, but they must not have us. Betty and I have possessions, but they do not possess us. They will remain at the feet of Jesus, and as a result, our God has given us the grace Paul described in Philippians 4. We are to be content in prosperity and in difficulty. Jesus is Lord and His peace will guard the hearts of all who trust Him. No election will ever change that fact.

God has the answer to all of the problems we face. This truth applies to both Congress and the church. We can’t “figure” everything out; we have to “faith” it out. If the newly-elected leaders want effective solutions, they can find it on their knees seeking godly counsel. While the church slumbers, Congress stumbles in the darkness of blind men’s foolish suggestions. I urge all of our leaders – governors, senators, congressmen and every representative – to immediately come together for a focused time of prayer. Get on their knees, and cry out to God in brokenness and humility.

I invite every Christian to join Betty and me, along with our staff and everyone I’ve been able to communicate with, as we ask God for a miracle of personal and national repentance. Repentance must be clearly understood as turning from that which is wrong toward that which is right – God and His ways! Like the prodigal son, each of us must leave the filth-ridden depravity of the pigpen and head straight for the Father’s house in open repentance. We are His children and He longs for us to come home.

A bunch of politicians cannot correctly turn our ship of state. Like the Titanic facing the devastating iceberg, America has acknowledged we need to turn away from the obvious danger, but if we are to find the correct course, we must have the right captain and crew. That means our leaders must seek direction from God.

On the present course, our population, like the passengers on the Titanic, will be as helpless before the destruction as an unborn child facing an act that is legal, but evil. Without God at the helm of our ship of state, we will foolishly continue on the wrong course. If leaders continue following the belief system birthed through a godless worldview, we will continue witnessing mass confusion and a total collapse of the economy leading to mass destruction.

I am exhorting every believer in the sleeping church to wake up and go to God on behalf of others. Only He can move our nation and leaders in the right direction. Many concerned voices are crying out, “Get ready. Prepare for the worst!” But most people don’t know what preparation looks like. The answer is not to buy gold or trust anything mere men offer. We must trust God and listen to His direction. Godliness can help correct the bad decisions of politicians. We don’t need bigger government, we need to recognize how big God is and let Him lead us all in His ways!

When House Minority Leader John Boehner (likely the next Speaker of the House) spoke to the American public Tuesday night, he began to weep. He shared how he came from a family of 11 children and worked extremely difficult jobs (just like I did when I was a boy) and found the American dream! He expressed appreciation for opportunity that only freedom can offer.

What we must understand and acknowledge is that the only reason anyone can fulfill the “American dream” is because the dream of our nation’s founders was a nation where people worshipped God openly and freely. They established a sound foundation upon which responsible people could build – and it worked! It didn’t work because men were clever or tough, but because they sought the mind of the all-provident, all-knowing God and He gave them wisdom and insight to set in place the principles of prosperity. This has enabled the United States to inspire and assist others around the world.

Throughout all of human history the correct answers to every human crisis have been rooted and grounded in the love and truth of God. If we don’t recognize this and come to God as individuals, leaders and citizens of this great nation, we will see the collapse of everything dear to us.

God wants to lead us away from destruction. He is inviting us to come to Him.

The church must be a light in the darkness. God’s preachers must stand up for truth and stop speaking words that don’t pierce the heart. Jeremiah said, “God’s prophets [His spokesmen] are all windbags who don’t really speak for Him.”[ii] God help all who are called as ministers to proclaim the unadulterated truth! As I continue meeting with church leaders and concerned people, I am more hopeful than I have ever been. As we come together in prayer, we will behold God’s glory revealed through our lives.

God has impressed me to spend the rest of my life seeking fertile ground that will receive the rivers of God’s love and truth. We don’t have time to waste good seed among thorns. God commanded us to allow Him to plow up the hard ground of our own heart. We will either allow His truth to do it and find His answers, or you can rest assured, as a nation we will see a total loss of freedom’s blessing. God doesn’t want it. I sure don’t want it, and the only way to miss it is with His divine direction.

We must get the Word of God in our hearts so that it is no longer merely bound up in a leather binder, but hidden in our hearts so it then becomes a letter written in the fleshly pages of other men’s hearts. We’ve got to be ablaze with the Word of God, or we will be consumed by the fires of judgment for our idolatrous ways. The fertile field will become a wilderness, and the cities will lie in ruins.

If we will get on our face before God, He will not only deliver us from evil, He will deliver us from the results of evil men’s wicked decisions, poor choices and foolish policies. I want to be a part of this supernatural awakening. Betty and I are determined to be a part of it, and we’re going to live on our knees. We will speak the truth not only to our family, but to the family of God and everyone with ears to hear, hearts to heed, and hands to help. We are committed to finding the will of God and living in it.

We ask you to join us in pursuing Him. Fix your eyes on Jesus. He is the standard. He will establish our feet on solid ground and an unshakable foundation.


[i] Jeremiah 4:22 (NLT)

[ii] Jeremiah 5:13 (NLT)

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  1. I agree with you!republicans demonstrate their contempt for the non rich working class all the time.why non rich working class people continue voting them into power is hard to understand.

  2. You are only agreeing with yourself.

  3. You are correct in many aspects of your article, but it just seems that many republicans just want the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. As long as republicans are in political power this country is doomed for destruction, because they ignore the word of being our brother’s keeper and stand firm on being selfish.