This command from God is the only hope for America and the free world to halt the catastrophic consequences of rebellion against God’s truth.

Awaken Now!

The title is the theme of our conference this week. I have shared on many occasions this is not a suggestion, but a command from God. It is the only hope for America and the free world to halt the catastrophic consequences of rebellion against God’s truth.

We must have a great spiritual awakening. There is no substitute for what God can do. Men and women filled with all the right desires and goals cannot accomplish the necessary and significant transformation without wisdom that comes from above. No government or any rule of man will prove effective without understanding the importance of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

The spiritual awakening I reference begins with an acute awareness not only of what must be addressed, but of the spiritual realm that influences all we observe. The invisible moves the visible. The clash between good and evil, light and darkness, has been and will continue to intensify. The conflict we find ourselves in is indeed a revolution, and the battle will prove fierce—as a matter of fact, so fierce that people of faith should become keenly aware that they must be “suited up” in the armor of God in order to be more than conquerors and overcomers in this life.

It is a revolution because both sides are committed to their cause. Both believe they have the answer. Those who are deceived are so confident they are right that they unwittingly devote their lives to a deceptive, damaging, deadly, and ultimately destructive cause. As with the communists, they have sold out, and they march to change the world not knowing they are destroying meaningful life, substituting a relationship with the living God for hopes and dreams based on foolish fantasies and promises. They choose to depend on an all-powerful state.

Years ago, a man walked through Moscow’s Red Square in tattered clothes. A communist said, “Communism can put a new coat on that man.” A Christian standing nearby said, “Yes, but the grace of God can put a new man in that coat.” This is forever absolute truth.

The necessary Awakening must be one of love and truth shared with compassionate expressions. Ambassadors of life will stand with unwavering convictions and unshakable faith. The greater the pressure, the more highly refined are the lives committed to God’s kingdom purpose. The battle will not be won with mere physical strength. Tragically, there will likely be riots, and other expressions of animosity, hatred, and violence. Although control is necessary and protective walls must be maintained, the battle will be won with the sword of the Spirit (God’s word) and His light piercing the darkness.

True believers will interpret the vision of the Lord and His will for His kingdom purpose to come right here and right now—on earth, as it is in heaven. God’s kingdom is first established within the life of every believer. That kingdom is the rule of God: first in us, then in our families, and then the influence of that rule affecting our neighbors, communities, cities, states, and ultimately our nation. Only transformed people can help transform and correct our nation’s perilous course.

Constantine saw a great vision and misinterpreted it. He took the wrong cross and put it on a banner. He took up the wrong sword—a physical sword—against the wrong enemy. When misinterpreted, even a good, true, heavenly vision can set us back and hinder the kingdom purpose of God. The vision must not be misinterpreted today. We must become the light piercing the darkness, standing together, the city set on the hill that cannot be hidden. As this light shines, it will glorify our Father in heaven, and people will see Him as the wonderful God, personal Father and friend He longs to be.

Christine Caine, scheduled for Thursday in the Awaken Now conference, was recently on LIFE Today. She is part of the Hillsong outreach birthed in Australia that has swept the world. She is now focused on helping victims of human trafficking and making a tremendous impact on the United States, as well as other nations. She shared with us a brief shopping trip she took to Wal-Mart one night. She commented, “Wal-Mart is a fun place. You can go in and buy anything you want. You can buy groceries or underwear. Anything.” Her 3-year-old daughter was with her and found a flashlight she wanted. She kept turning it on and off in the store but couldn’t see its effect because of all the bright, fluorescent lighting in the store. When they were checking out at the register, Christine heard her daughter’s tiny voice over all the other sounds. “Mommy, let’s go find the darkness so we can shine the light.

“Oh my goodness!” Christine exclaimed. “Out of the mouths of babes…” How true were the words of that little 3-year-old. God has left us here to find the darkness and shine the light of His love.

We will not win this battle by boasting in our numerous warriors or, as the Old Testament referenced, “trusting in horses and chariots.” In the Old Testament, the strength of horses was often used as an allegory representing the flesh, just as Egypt depicted the bondage we find ourselves in when we depend on the systems of this world or the power of some type of Pharaoh for our security.

The world teaches people today that success comes from having the right connections. The New Testament teaches clearly that success comes through connectedness. Christians are members of the body of Christ. Every member must fit together properly, supplying the need to every other member while they are submitted first to each other and ultimately to the head. In order for the hands of God to work properly, the lower and upper arm must be properly connected and submitted to the head in order to express the very heart of our Father. We have seen the truth of this in mission outreaches around the world. We don’t duplicate efforts; we connect, undergird, and enable, allowing the power of God’s love to flow like a mighty river.

True believers must learn to stand together like a mighty faith-filled army. The challenge is far greater than winning elections, as important as that is. It is a matter of winning hearts and minds with the transforming power of truth. The battles we face today will not be won because we simply outvote those with whom we disagree. When we live the way we should, we assume responsibility. We must choose our leaders wisely by becoming well-informed and guided by principles, not manipulated by parties or personalities. We must be committed totally to the cause of Christ and refuse to ever back down. Everything accomplished must be in the Holy Spirit power of God our Father and His Son. This is the Trinity revealed.

We have a relationship with the Father. When Jesus taught us the model prayer, he started with “Our Father, which art in heaven,” making it very clear we are talking to someone with whom we have a personal relationship. Then in His own prayer in John 17, He once again emphasized the importance of this relationship. He prayed all believers would be one with the Father as He is. What a wonderful, meaningful relationship! Jesus didn’t move unless He saw the Father directing His steps. He only did those things which pleased the Father, and His life was filled with overwhelming, indescribable love, joy, peace and power. He longs for us to have that relationship.

In order to know the Father in a personal way, we must accept the redemptive work of the Son. We must literally be born from above—born of the Spirit, transformed by the power of God, washed in the water of His Word and truth so we become renewed in our minds. We’re talking about transformation that comes through Christ. There is no substitute for it—religion will not suffice. Our own efforts will always come up far short.

And then He said it was necessary for Him to leave and send another one just like Him—the paraclete, the Holy Spirit, to live in us so that He would be with us at all times, in all ways, accomplishing His kingdom purpose. Jesus was actually informing His disciples that the truths He left them with would produce such indescribable blessings and benefits it would be essential for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to handle them, and not allow any blessing to become an idol. How true this is.

When the truth makes us free, we must be ever-aware how easy it is to abuse the blessings freedom offers. As a matter of fact, without Holy Spirit enabling, it will be abused. While we wait for the future kingdom to come, we are commissioned by God to live in His presence and in His power in the present. We need fear no evil, for He is with us. We can live in personal victory—but not without a battle. We are freed to fight and win the battle, to move from victory to victory.

The victory He offers can lead us to find realistic, effective solutions to all the challenges we face personally and nationally. We resist evil. We cannot destroy itwe overcome it. When we recognize that Christ in us is the hope of glory, we will find ourselves as believers moving in holy harmony and supernatural unity, adorned in His glory. When Christ comes in glory, He will come for a church clothed in His glory.

We know who wins, but this is no time to sleep. As the apostle Paul challenged all believers, we must put on the whole armor of God, resist the evil one, fight the good fight of faith as soldiers of the Lord Jesus, as more than conquerors and overcomers in this life. Now is the time to arise and shine with the glory of the Lord upon us. This is the time for a great awakening, and in obedience and commitment, we will rejoice in it and allow Him to accomplish His kingdom purpose through us. To Him be the glory and honor, forever and ever.

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  1. WOW….this word can not begin to explain the awesomeness of this conference. My bride of 38 years,Diane and I were just blown away with the honesty and zeal of changing this country back to a Christian nation. We were very excited with the speaker choices and learned new thoughts and ideas for our walk with Christ. We were very fortunate to have front row seats, thanks to mr. Melton, and watching the eyes of each speaker moved us. The smiles, the tears and the pleading of God’s anointed leaders left us with the desire to go back home,in Charlotte NC, and help fire up our church,Elevation Church, to help those who need to know The Lord. (Footnote….this past 2week-ends we had baptisms and over 3300 were baptized…Glory to Jesus.) We had 3 in our e-group to be baptized and this was a direct result of this conference and the power and excitement we brought back from Texas. Pastor Morris and Christine Caine have been at our Elevation church and it was exciting to listen to them during this conference to encourage us to do more. All of the speakers (especially Beth Moore, Diane’s favorite) brought messages that pushed us to do better and more. BUT to watch James Robison and to listen to his words and to see the tears streaming down his face, moved us beyond words. His pointing finger at all of us directed our hearts to want to do better and to wait on Gods blessing on our lives. We have followed James and Betty for years but the daily broacast of your shows gives us a daily dose of encouragement. We work 60+ hours a week and we dvr the programs so that when we finally get home at night we know that we can sit down for a few minutes and get a dose of the Word before we go to sleep. Being at the conference, seeing Gateway Church, and listening to the stories was a dream come true. We can’t wait to get the DVD series and relive that incredible few days and then to have the opportunity to share them with our e-Group will continue to spread the Gospel to all the world.

  2. We went to the conference from California. We sensed it was going to do something to us and exceeded anything we could have dreamed of. Each speaker was anointed, imparting and empowering to all of us. I feel like I brought home baskets heaping with manna and can’t give it away fast enough. Thanks for a wonderful and life changing time!

  3. I attended all 3 days of the conference and felt such a profound presence of God who was speaking through each speaker. Thank you so much James and Betty for hosting this and sending the clear message for all of us to Awaken! It is not time to sleep but time to rise in the Power and Glory of His Name to be the light to this world.

  4. It’s been quite a few years since Jerry and I last saw and heard you preach in person. At that time, we lived in Louisville, KY, and attended Valley View Baptist Church. In 1983, we moved back home to Natchitoches, Louisiana, hoping to find a church just as on fire for Jesus, but alas, it wasn’t to be the case. We have been able at times to watch you and Betty on tv and have been Blessed that we are able to contribute financially to your ministry. I can not say enough words of thanks to you, your ministry, and especially our God, about the Awaken Now Conference. It was just what we needed at this time in our lives. Though exhausted as the time went on, we could not and would not miss a moment of it!! On Friday, July 19th, Jerry and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary sitting under some of the most Holy Spirit filled teachers of our lifetime and tried to soak up every Word God had for us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t grasp it all–maybe due to our age–67 and 68, but we were Blessed beyond measure!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this conference. We will be ordering the DVD.

  5. Minister A. Dale McMullen

    I just wanted to say THANKS to James & Betty Robison for 50 years of ministry and marriage, and for the God-inspired Awaken Now Conference this past weekend. I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and was strongly encouraged through the wisdom of the Word in each of the speakers. And thanks to you James & Betty for sharing your broken hearts, and for the prayer challenge to each of us to leave filled with God’s love so that we too can bind up the brokenhearted. My soul has been awakened! God Bless!

  6. James and Betty thank you for the wonderful awaken now conference. I was there from New York and thank you letting our wonderful Lord be expressed through His servants by His Holy Spirit. You have been a mentor to me James and I can’t thank The Lord enough for you and Betty and all I have received. I felt so renewed in the Spirit. I am and was so blessed by the body of Christ at Gateway church they were true servants of The Lord. Thank you so much
    IN HIM

  7. We were blown away by the Spirit of the Lord on the speakers and the entire body of this amazing conference. 3 Spirit-filled days that will burn in our hearts forevermore.
    We arrived home yesterday afternoon, refreshed in the Spirit but, physically exhausted.
    This morning we Awake to a new day! A day burning with the desire to reach out to the lost and be the Father’s Church here on earth. Hesitant in the past to offer our hand to our home church in their discipleship’ today we Awake Anew, to step-up and join our church leaders to reach out to those in need of our Savior, to expand the revival of the Word and the Spirit of the Living God in our community and through Life Outreach, the world.
    Many thanks for a life committed to the Lord, and for all you have done in Jesus’ name, the Name above all names.

  8. We watched parts of the 50 year AWAKEN NOW. celebration conferance Could you please inform us when the whole conference will be available on dvd/cd It would be great to have both as a package which ables people to listen in their cars.GOD BLESS YOU ALL WHO ARE SO FAITHFUL TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE A BLESSING TO US

  9. Christi Sampson

    Wow!!!! We came to Dallas with an 8 yr old and puppy, thirsty for God! Many obstacles were presented no doubt from the devil himself, but as we pushed thru, and did our best to hear the most that we could, we leave blessed, anointed, refreshed, REVIVED!!!
    Thank you James and Betty!! Thank you to each of the speakers, esp the ones we were able to hear (James, Beth, Huckabee, Dudley, Robert, Ruth, Dr. Ben, Andy, Dennis, Lisa, Samuel, and Betty)!!!! And thank you to Philips Craig and Dean, Big Daddy Weave, and the gateway praise team for bringing such an awesome worship time!! Thanks to Big Daddy for his testimony!!! But most of all, I say THANK YOU to God Himself, for being “The Proof” we needed to receive this revival!! It wasn’t motivational!! It wasn’t mere encouragement!! It was THE PROOF we needed, as He spoke to and through each person!! Let’s show the “cultures” that we who are Alive because of Christ, what Jesus looks like, through our actions to one another in our marriages, our children, our relationships, and in our church’s!!!
    I didn’t get to hug Beth like I hoped to do. I told people around me as we waited for 1.5 hrs to register, that I have 3 hugs for my Sister Beth. One is for all that she’s endured in her life and overcame (glory to God), one is for the way God’s used her to speak to me in such personal ways, and one is just because I want to hug her. I’m SO grateful that someday I will get to hug her, and everyone I shared this conference with!!!! Blessings to all!!

  10. The Awake Now Conference was awesome. Each speaker gave me a different aspect that enlightened my thinking. Spiritual food that needs to be pondered over frequently. Wow! WHere can I get a copy of this?

  11. All very good and nice, except most Christians today have forgotten that our war is against the powers and principalities of the air and not people on earth. Christians are not being taught spiritual warfare in their churches and how to “move mountains” through the power of their words. Jesus did not leave us powerless!! Love your neighbors all you want; but until you learn how to become a real warrior, the battles will never be won. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland do a great job with this.

  12. We are here at the conference. I wept all day yesterday. It is such a gift that the Robison family is giving to the body of Christ. Thank yall so much. People from Willis will be praying, we are thirsty & we want an awakening to come to us.

  13. Laurie Arterburn

    Dear James and Betty,
    Have enjoyed celebrating this special weekend with you! I hope to get to meet you in person at some point this weekend but in case we don’t, I wanted to tell you something. In 1982, I had just graduated from college and was watching you on tv and made the decision to accept Jesus into my heart and life! I will never forget that day and I can’t believe it has been 31 years. Thank you for devoting your lives to the ministry. May God continue to bless the both of you and your family.
    in His Amazing love, Laurie

  14. Marlene Salcher

    Awaken Now. Love it God has spoken and will speak to those that are His. Come Holy Spirit even now in fresh ways today God bless all the speakers for giving us His truth.

  15. I’m at Awaken Now conference and oh, what a mighty move of God in this place! He is speaking to me through each and every wonderful speaker. Dear James and Betty, Congratulations on 50 years in marriage and ministry. Both of you are true examples of Christ in this world and have certainly been a blessing to myself and countless others. I thank you for your TV show, Life Today (which is how I met Beth Moore and I love her!), and for this conference. Every time I watch your show I say to myself, “I don’t care who they have on today, I’m not ordering their book”, and before the show is over, I’m reaching for my kindle and placing the order. Because of your show, I’ve been exposed to the word of God in and through you and your guests and am forever grateful. Thank you for allowing God to partner with you and I look forward to celebrating with you 75, then 100 years in the ministry!!

  16. Amen…Our Father is waiting on his children to reach out to our lost brother and sisters. He has equipped is children with All his armor. It is time to stand in boldness for Jesus name sake. It is time to fight the good fight and allow our Father to utilize us as his tool and mouth piece to our Nation. So many are in captivity and is time to allow the Lords power to break the chains of captives. The Lord has gave us all purpose not destruction. All Glory be to God our Father. Thank you Jesus…Amen!!!

  17. Amen and AMEN!!

  18. Jo Lynn Haussmann

    HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY James & Betty! We are here to AWAKEN NOW & this conference is doing the job!

  19. Scott Schilling

    Amazing first day at Awaken Now. We are all tremendously Blessed by you Blessing to us…Thank You for your and Betty’s efforts to help me and so many others understand our role in what GOD has planned for us in our lives and the lives of others. Not hard to understand why GOD has Blessed you with 50 years of marriage and Ministry!

  20. Will this conference be available on DVD?

  21. AWAKE
    Awake awake – You’ve slept too long
    Arise my saints – With armour on

    It’s time to march – To spread the Word
    That’s sharper – Than a two edged sword

    The world decays – Before My eyes
    And satan waits – To take his prise

    It’s My desire – That all should live
    And by Christ blood – You’ll surely live

    So all of you – I do release
    To spread the Word – Of life in Christ

    My Spirit fills you – One and all
    To fullfill – This final call

    And when the world – Has all been told
    The Lamb will come – As has been told

    And all my saints – Will sing with glee
    And all the demons – They will flee

    The final battle call – Will peal
    And Christ will Triumph – Once and for all

    I wrote this in 2002 and I am excited for the future of Gods children. Amen.