James Robison

Drunk, but Not on Wine

In recent years several frightening and bizarre cases of bird deaths have alarmed people around the world. In Vienna, Austria, dozens of songbirds fell from the sky, prompting rumors of

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Supernatural Unity

If we are going to see the healing for the tragic consequences of years of bad decisions, the results of rebellion against God’s Word and eternal principles, we are going to have to come together on our knees before the Living God, committed to Him and one another.

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Awaken Now!

This command from God is the only hope for America and the free world to halt the catastrophic consequences of rebellion against God’s truth.

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Supreme Court Opens Pandora’s Box

America’s founders correctly asserted there are some things clearly established by Nature’s Law and Nature’s God. The Supreme Court’s two rulings Wednesday concerning marriage ignore this fact and open Pandora’s …

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Marriage Under Attack

For years I have been seeking to help bring the family of faith together—to stand against the forces of darkness, deception, and destruction. If church leaders and all who profess

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Marriage Statement Signatories

1. Mathew Staver Chairman Liberty Counsel Action Co-drafter

2. Deacon Keith Fournier Common Good Alliance Catholic Online Co-drafter

3. Rev. Samuel Rodriguez National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

4. James Robison …

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