Great are the lessons that can be learned by observing God's creation.

God’s Little Messenger

If you don’t see God in all He has created, you are not likely to see Him in others or even in His own Son, Jesus. This breaks my heart because the God of all creation is the Master Designer whose majesty can be clearly seen in everything He created.

King Solomon said, “Consider the ants.” Great are the lessons that can be learned by observing their diligence and preparing for all the elements thrown their way. Jesus said, “Consider the birds,” and indeed they teach us so much. They rise early, work hard, build great nests, and God cares for them. They thrive and sing the Creator’s praises all day long.

I was led by God to “consider the pets,” and I have. I wrote about it in the gift book God of All Creation. I hope to touch the hearts of pet lovers so they can see how much God loves those who cherish their pets. He made them for His prize of all creation: “the apple of His eyes” and “pearls of great price”—that’s us.

As people have given God of All Creation to others, many people have been led to Christ. Others have been inspired to more closely observe God in all He created.

Edith McCloskey from South Carolina has been blessed by the stories I’ve shared about our little dachshund, Princess. She wrote the following true story of how God used a little dog to bless others in a truly supernatural way. With her permission, I share it with you.

Dear James and Betty,


Thank you for sharing the story of your comforting dachshund. We have a cat who was rescued. He has always been shy. One day I was lying on the bed, not feeling very well. I felt a gentle paw touching my arm – and looked down to see two very concerned eyes peering at me! It was Little Grey! He had never jumped up on the bed before. This was a big jump for him! He wanted to comfort me.


During Desert Storm, our local veterans’ hospital called for volunteers, and I took a friend’s dog to the floor where no one had any visitors. I made him a tiny soldier’s uniform, complete with a cap and sergeant’s stripes on his side. He looked like Toto [from The Wizard of Oz]. When I arrived at the first door, I became a little anxious. There was an old veteran in a wheelchair looking out at the hospital parking lot. Tears were coming down his cheeks because his family was not coming. They lived far away and were unable to afford weekly gas and motel bills for a hospital visitation trip.


I prayed, “Lord, please show me what to do,” as I held the little dog in the doorway. I felt like crying myself – and that certainly would not cheer the veteran. The Lord spoke to my heart, “Let the dog do the work.” I put the tiny dog on the floor – and to my amazement, he trotted right over to the wheelchair. The old soldier’s hand was hanging down over the side. The dog began to lick his hand! The soldier looked down and began to laugh! He saw that furry face looking up at him, wearing a soldier’s cap. Then the dog leaped into his lap and began licking the tears away from his cheeks! Jesus was using that puppy to love that man!


Greatly encouraged, I proceeded to the next room. As I stood in the doorway, holding the dog, I was a little afraid to go in. A young man in his early twenties lay completely still on the bed. He looked like he was dead! However, the nurse nodded at me and encouraged me to go in. I realized Jesus was guiding that dog when I set him down on the floor. He ran directly over to that very high hospital bed and made a mighty leap – using every bit of his strength. He crawled onto the soldier’s chest and laid there, putting his paws on both sides of the man’s cheeks. With great concern, the dog peered into his face. The young fellow lay there with his eyes shut, not moving. The dog licked his chin. Suddenly, the soldier opened his eyes and saw the dear puppy’s face staring at him. He smiled and chuckled as he petted his furry friend!


Jesus’ words came to my heart, “He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.” You could feel the Lord’s loving presence very strongly in that room!


I remember how still that little dog stood as I, a total stranger, put a tape measure around his tummy to fit him for his little soldier’s uniform. I thought, “He is standing at attention, like a soldier getting ready to go on an important mission!” And he was! After the dog had hugged the soldier’s neck and licked his cheeks with little puppy kisses, he trotted over to me and looked up as if to say, “Mission accomplished.” I tenderly scooped the dog up in my arms and said goodbye.


In the hallway, I saw the young soldier following us. He had a letter board in his hands. He was pointing at letters, trying to make me understand what he was pointing out. Finally he pointed at the dog and said in a halting voice, “Aaah – I love you!” The nurse at the desk said, “This is a miracle! He was shot in the throat and couldn’t talk! Now he is speaking again!”


I realized Jesus really was in that hospital room with us – and the pup and I were proud to be His obedient messengers.


Love in Christ,


P.S. As news of our successful “dog ministry” spread, more people volunteered to help. Soon there were enough helpers to bring the little dog to the patients’ rooms every day! I was able to sew a railroad engineer’s cap and tiny red bandanna neck scarf, a clown suit and a ballerina outfit for our patient little dog. He stood still for all the costume fittings – seeming to know “the joy that was set before him.” He loves being a star!


Even though I had no patterns, the costumes turned out perfectly. The Lord was helping me make them. Maybe your TV viewers could be encouraged to bless others in this way!

What an amazing testimony! Thank you, Lord Jesus. Doesn’t it encourage you to know that God can use a little pet to bestow His blessings on others? Yes, He can use all He has created for His glory and kingdom purpose. Never doubt: The greatest manifestation of His life, love and eternal purpose is best revealed through those created in His own image: You and me! That little dog became most effective when a woman yielded to God followed the leadership of her Father in heaven who lives in her heart. May we all be inspired to open our eyes and behold His glory in all He created.

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