Why The Stream?

The Stream was launched as an answer to the prayers of church leaders. It is a gift to all who love God and their neighbors, and who clearly understand the importance of personal and national freedom. We want all people to have “understanding of the times” through the wisdom that comes from above so that we will not “perish for lack of knowledge” of the truth necessary to transform hearts and minds.

Major media is often biased with a misleading, anti-God worldview. Because it is driven by ratings, which determine their financial gain, they can stir and magnify differences and controversy for the sake of viewership. The Stream offers access to news that matters to those who care about freedom and the future for everyone’s sake. It is updated throughout the day and I encourage you to scan it as often as possible. Read and pray about the issues and events that are addressed and share with others those things you consider important.

Please prayerfully read today’s “Inspiration” piece by Diane Singer on how righteous people should live in a culture that is increasingly becoming unrighteous. Also consider the “Voices” section as you peruse the rest of the news.

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