My heart overflows with God-given compassion for the suffering, for those who feel helpless and live with a sense of hopelessness. I know what it is like to feel forgotten, overlooked and to feel the pain of poverty. I also know that through the power of God’s grace and the wisdom He offers, we can be lifted out of any pit of despair or defeat. I have been so blessed as a husband, father, grandfather and a Christian that I cannot hold back the God-given desire to release this river of life toward others.

When Foolishness Rules

My heart overflows with God-given compassion for the suffering, for those who feel helpless and live with a sense of hopelessness. I know what it is like to feel forgotten, overlooked and to feel the pain of poverty. I also know that through the power of God’s grace and the wisdom He offers, we can be lifted out of any pit of despair or defeat. I have been so blessed as a husband, father, grandfather and a Christian that I cannot hold back the God-given desire to release this river of life toward others. I want everyone to be blessed.

I will always be concerned when decisions are made and practices put into place by leaders or policy makers which hurt others and limit the possibility of making a real difference in people’s lives. When I see this happening, I must respond. The Spirit of God not only compels me to care, but to share the most valuable aspects of my life – my time, my focus and my personal interest, as well as financial support of worthy causes. It is my sincere prayer that all who care will continue to join us in our efforts to alleviate suffering and point people to the source of genuine love that comes from a personal relationship with God through faith in Christ.

When I pray, I have a sense of urgency and deep concern for our nation. We are witnessing the loss of true freedom. I am compelled by the Spirit of God to help awaken all who understand the importance of faith, family and freedom. I am encouraging them to pray and put feet to their prayers by taking positive action to help turn the tide. Freedom not only offers opportunity, it demands responsibility. Our founders understood what present-day leaders fail to comprehend.

Surely you can see the high price paid by ignoring the consequences of terrible beliefs, practices, and national policies. Christians fully understand that they cannot impose their faith on others. We cannot make people believe in God. Many Christians (if not most) have dismissed themselves from personal responsibility and accountability for the affairs of the state lest they be misunderstood for trying to impose their faith on others. Most Christians fail to recognize that in a healthy democracy the active participation of principled people is absolutely essential.

In our current democratic system, the activists influence the election of those who make the policies by which and under which we live. Those who have disregarded God and are pursuing their own agenda have not stayed home and looked after their own family affairs; they have been diligently working to control everybody’s affairs. Their unprincipled belief system is taking over while Christians stay home, go to church, and then suddenly find themselves bondservants to the policies put in place by foolish leaders. Let’s consider what God says about foolishness and wisdom: A fool says in his heart, “There is no God!” I think it is important to keep in mind that you can believe in God and yet not allow God to rule in your life. There is even a book recently released titled Christian Atheists because so many professing believers’ lives deny God’s power and presence.

Churches are full of people claiming to believe in God, who sing songs to God, read verses and make references to God but never allow God to rule and reign in their personal life and affairs. If God did rule, then they would be led to be actively piercing the darkness with the light of liberating truth.  As far as effectiveness, the church is stuck in the PRESENT because many of its members are stuck in the PAST. They live staring in the rear view mirror, contributing to the obvious wreckage around us. Dedicated Christians desire to meet the needs of the suffering and it is compassionate involvement that inspires personal interest in the lives of needy individuals and requires accountability. Caring people attempt to help people move beyond their miserable circumstances and begin to live blessed in life. Those who have been blessed and are wise will always seek to bless others. They want everyone blessed!

Blessings come from God, not government. Government is always best seen primarily as a protector, not a provider. Political parties can provide answers, but they will never be “The Answer.” The will of God does not ride on the back of a donkey or an elephant! Hope will not come to your area riding on Air Force One. Real hope is offered by those who care enough to be involved.

You will hear the term “social justice” frequently used by national and church leaders in an attempt to make us believe we must support government programs that will ultimately have negative consequences. Manipulators will be encouraging a class warfare that the horrors of racism will pale in comparison to. Any reference to the terms “wealth” or “prosperity” will be represented in the most negative possible light and the glorious possibilities of the free market will be a target for increasing anger and hatred. This trend can lead to the destruction of opportunity and any realistic means of alleviating poverty. It is a road leading to far more than social practices; it is Socialism headed for a redefined, more dignified and acceptable-looking form of pure Marxism. Many who are deceived in religious circles will be found supporting this march toward dissipation. The records of failed Socialist systems are on public display around the world today and are recorded in the pages of history. Although our hope is not merely political, we must call for godly, transformed people to become involved in the selection process necessary to help restore sanity and freedom’s foundation. There is a blatant disregard for the laws of the land because many leaders do not understand the importance of keeping the law and the danger of lawlessness. We have elected officials to the highest offices in the land who are embracing and endorsing open defiance of the law while condemning those who attempt to enforce it. The right of free speech is being threatened or even prohibited if the spokesperson chooses to express their faith in God and any connection to a Christian charitable organization. It is very interesting to note current extremely liberal congressional representatives are encouraging priests and pastors to support their agenda, while at the same time with major media help they demand those who disagree to practice separation of church and state by remaining silent or risk losing their tax-exempt status.

I cannot sit back and just continue life as usual while the power brokers and those who do not understand the principles that made this nation great continue leading us on a road to ruin. To be very honest, the poor and impoverished people in this nation will continue to live in bondage because they have become the instrument used to perpetuate positions of power by encouraging an ever-increasing dependent community. Legislators are taking and giving – in fact, stealing and giving – in order to maintain power under the disguise of social compassion.

I am urging every Christian to begin to pray for God to give us wisdom that will inspire us to take positive action. I am encouraging Christians to focus on the legitimate needs that must be met among the suffering and needy in our nation. There is no question many Christians and many people who could help have dismissed themselves from even focusing on legitimate concerns because they feel they have already helped the needy here in America when they paid their taxes. And don’t ever think you’re not paying them in one form or another.

Our present system is dismissing people from personal responsibility because they feel like they’ve fulfilled their responsibility when they turned matters over to the government.  I can tell you firsthand from helping the suffering all over the world, unless we know a caring, responsible person is in place with hands on and direct contact with those who need help, there will not be proper oversight. There will be no positive progress made. I can also tell you that although we work with some unbelieving, foolish governments in order to help the truly needy, we never allow any of those governments to determine where or how to disburse the resources. The fact is, non-government organizations (NGO’s) are the most effective workers when dealing with a crisis, including delivery and use of national aide.

Here in the United States and in many advanced countries, we have allowed the government to determine every aspect of social goods and services and the fact is it is not working very effectively. The Bible says if we lack wisdom, let us ask of God and He will give it. Proverbs tell us to not lean on our own understanding, but trust in Him and acknowledge Him in all of our ways and He will establish our paths.

Our Founders knew and acknowledged God and built this nation on a foundation of solid rock principles consistent with the Bible. We are allowing the entire population to be led away from the foundation principles of faith, family and freedom, and we are in serious trouble. I repeat, it will take every person who understands the importance of faith, family and freedom, not only praying, but becoming actively involved in determining who establishes policy and makes the law of the land. Truly caring people must demand consistent enforcement of our laws. No one will respect laws that are unenforced.

To save this sick world, we must be willing to lay down everything precious and understand the risk of losing all. Christians and business people, along with hard-working wage-earners who have gained a level of prosperity or perceived wealth, must recognize that they will be accused and misrepresented by those seeking to secure or maintain their power and control. These misguided leaders and influencers want the ability to take what others have earned or gained and distribute it in a way necessary to maintain their position. Some actually see themselves as a positive influence as though they are a modern-day Robin Hood. This is not leadership; this is foolishness. Christians must be wise enough to understand the truth and strong enough to stand up for it.

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