People who love faith and freedom can work together for the common good.

Unity is Not Sameness

When I am asked why I work with Catholics and those of different denominations or, as Mark Driscoll puts it, “members of different church tribes,” I answer, “Because I love everyone and will faithfully and without compromising faithfully seek to present God’s truth in love to everyone with ears to hear. If I appear unwilling to communicate with others or hear them, how can I expect others to willingly hear me?” The fact is we all need to be seeking to more clearly hear God. I join with Jesus praying for the supernatural unity we have only glimpsed in history and with every visitation a spiritual awakening resulted. Keep in mind that supernatural spiritual unity is not sameness. It is love lifting us above our differences along with necessary diversity in order to pursue common goals for the glory of God and benefit of others. It never demands the casting aside of convictions or truth. It is reaching out in love so we all continue to grow in the “grace and knowledge of God.” Those who believe there is a Creator and Father God who expresses His love through Christ must recognize the importance of standing together as salt to preserve the innocent and as light exposing evil and illuminating the best way in which to walk and live.

The enemies of God, faith, the Bible, moral principles, marriage, family and right-to-life will never willingly give up an inch of the ground they seek to claim and control. They are determined to manipulate, dominate, and control. They are the most intolerable people on this planet. Unless those who profess a belief in God, His Son, the Holy Spirit, and His Word as reliable begin standing together, deception, darkness, and defeat of true freedom will result. Believers must find common ground to resist the assault on truth, or the precious, including freedom, will, as Jesus said, “be trampled under the feet of men.”

Protestants, including zealous evangelicals, and Catholics must find ways to stand against the gates of hell while lifting Jesus up as “the way, the truth, and the life.” We must make it clear, “No one comes to the Father but by Him.” I will never cease proclaiming this truth for all to hear. If we lose the freedom we have been blessed to enjoy in America, voices will be silenced and open expressions of faith ended. We must protect life and freedom while exalting Christ and truth and we must do it in love. I am committed to this until the end and will encourage those who care and love freedom to join with us.

When I joined Catholic philosopher Jay Richards, with the encouragement of faith and business leaders both Protestant and Catholic, to write the book INDIVISIBLE, we sought to communicate essential principles and help reveal the common ground we can and must stand on together on to protect faith, family, and freedom before it is cast aside by its enemies and those who are indifferent. Please prayerfully get a copy, read it, and pass it on. You can order it from LIFE Outreach or Amazon. We summarized the truths and principles which were well-vetted in the book in our closing chapter with a summary of how people who love faith and freedom can work together for the common good. It was titled, “The First Principles of Faith & Freedom.” They are listed below.

  1. Every human being has equal value and dignity.
  2. We are inherently and specifically social.
  3. Marriage and the family are the fundamental social institutions.
  4. We can know God and moral truth.
  5. Judeo-Christian religious faith guards our freedom.
  6. We’re all sinners.
  7. We need a state strong enough to protect and maintain the rule of law but limited enough not to violate it.
  8. We are meant to be free and responsible.
  9. When we’re free, we can create wealth and value.
  10. Culture comes before politics.

I will be summarizing each of these ten principles in my commentaries over the next weeks. Surely we can join together for the glory of God, the good of others, and for the sake of freedom’s blessings. If we do not, the voice of truth, faith, and freedom will be diminished or silenced in the public square and in the pulpit. Around the world and even here in North America, pastors and priests are being sued and arrested in some places for proclaiming what the Bible says about marriage, sexual practices, and basic moral principles. We must all become what the prophet Ezekiel challenged us to be: “Watchmen on the wall.” The enemy is no longer seen in the distance. He is here and he is deadly.

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