Turn In The Right Direction

Our nation, the United States of America, is headed in the wrong direction, but we have a sure hope…and it’s not Washington D.C. Read my commentary on The Stream, then take note of these other very important articles.

Heather Wilhelm explains why modern feminism (which is very anti-female) is scarier than Halloween. Also, in the aftermath of the third Republican debate, John Zmirak provides the best analysis available anywhere with his 10 Takeaways and Predictions. And just when you thought the undercover Planned Parenthood videos had gone away, a new revelation exposes even more — this time with partial-birth abortions. You’ll be shocked by the video and the truth about our nation’s most horrific scourge.

This week, I had an interesting meeting with inner city and urban leaders in an effort to heal the racial divide. You can learn more about this critical initiative and see how you can be an agent of healing in your community.

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