Same-Sex Marriage and Christian Leaders

All that is taking place in our world should show every Christian how important it is for us to live on our knees in order to stand securely on our feet. Our spiritual brothers and sisters in Charleston, South Carolina, revealed the importance and power of love and forgiveness to the whole world. It is love that never fails and truth that sets us free, and keeps us free if we don’t cast it aside.

The Stream is here for you and those you love so that we can seek wisdom that comes only from God and begin to make necessary national course corrections. The strength of our communities and our nation rests on the shoulders of strong marriages and families. There has never been a time when we needed shepherds to truly lead and refuse to be hirelings, allowing the sheep to be led to their destruction.

Please read my good friend Jim Garlow’s article on Same-Sex Marriage and Christian Leaders: The Chamberlains and the Churchills, and continue to give close attention to The Stream as our editors and “Voices” contributors respond to this week’s Supreme Court decisions.

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