This week I want to share with you what a dedicated husband and father who truly loves God, the church and the nation shared with ministry leaders who came together to pray for spiritual and national awakening. I encourage you to read it and pass it on:


History Lessons for Life

Recall, Remember, or Relearn

This week I want to share with you what a dedicated husband and father who truly loves God, the church and the nation shared with ministry leaders who came together to pray for spiritual and national awakening. I encourage you to read it and pass it on:


History Lessons for Life

Throughout the last 50 to 60 years, the godly heritage of our nation has gradually and systematically disappeared. God has been removed and our history has been revised. What was once a beautiful, exciting story is now unrecognizable. How can what we called our history half a century ago, suddenly disappear? How and why was it replaced by what is now called our history but in truth is a fraud? The mention of God has been removed from public school history books and in many, if not most, history books in secular bookstores. Yet, at the same time, God’s Word and our nation’s beliefs are inscribed on government buildings and monuments throughout our nation’s capital. The humanistic agenda in our country has a purpose. Its purpose is to erase God from our nation and gain control of our government. Karl Marx, the father of communism, made this statement: Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily persuaded. This means they can be controlled, manipulated and deceived. Since true and accurate history is any nation’s platform for the future, their extension into the future will become dysfunctional without this accurate information. I call this historical amnesia. Woodrow Wilson, the twenty-eighth President, defined it this way: A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. Our responsibility to ourselves and to our country is to learn what true history is, what it is not, and what the consequences are of both.

History is a flow of events that begins with the initial event of the creation of time and reveals the providential hand of God as time is used and events are acted out on the stage of life. If recorded accurately and truthfully, it is the story of who we are and the how, why, when and where time was spent and events took shape. History cannot be foretold (except by God). It can only be recorded after time and events have unfolded.

If history is not recorded in the flow that it happens, it is not history, but a listing of random events without continuity. What happens when this occurs is the providential hand of God is no longer identifiable and the understanding becomes chaotic and confusing. Without truthful accurate history, the direction for the future becomes clouded and out of focus because pieces of the past are missing. People and nations lose their way and destinies are unfulfilled.

The reason for missing or revised segments of history is clear: Satan knows well and God’s Word reveals clearly the importance of recounting, recalling and remembering the great things the Lord has done. Satan’s plan is now, and has always been, to dilute or destroy this clear understanding of God as the director of history. When this occurs as revealed in the Bible, Satan begins to function according to his title, the great deceiver; we then become victims of ignorance, without the record of how God’s Word was applied by God’s people to defeat Satan in times past or how and why people failed in various situations because of failure to apply God’s Word. Men and women and nations must go through these same or similar situations over and over again because the model, which in all cases was very costly, has been discarded by deleting or revising the truth. Therefore, history repeats itself and the price is paid over and over again as people and nations are destroyed because of ignorance. The Bible teaches us that wisdom is gained through the Word of God and life experience (see Proverbs 3:13 The Amplified Bible). It also teaches that the experience necessary for wisdom is costly (see Proverbs 5:1 The Amplified Bible). When this experience is discarded, revised or forgotten in a person or a nation, they can no longer act in wisdom.

The question then is, what can we as Christians do about this perpetual cycle? The answer to this question is very simple: Learn our true history. The future is always an extension of our past. If our past is distorted and God’s handiwork has been removed, our direction for the future will disappear and we will wander aimlessly as the Israelites did each time they forgot God. The ultimate end is always bondage. On the other hand if we will remember our past and all the great and mighty things that our God has done, we will no longer be deceived and therefore passive because of ignorance; our wisdom will return and we will become responsible and active to take back what the devil has stolen. This is God’s plan for America. Will you join me in making God’s plan for America our plan? This cannot happen unless we remember all that He has already done. Our history (our godly heritage) is more important than you may think. Otherwise the devil would never have stolen it.

We have to know who we were to know who we are;


If we know who we are, we will know what needs to be done.

Written by Dave B. Meyer


I agree 100 percent with what Dave Meyer has shared from his heart. Many of you surely know his wife, Joyce, the gifted teacher of God’s Word. I thought you would be interested to know of Dave’s God-given concern for our great nation.

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