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Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, The King’s University/Dallas

It is my delight to discover the vision, purpose and thrust of a shaft of sunlight on the present horizon: The Stream is a welcome light ignited by the uniting of many in the larger faith community.
James Robison, globally recognized as a compassionate humanitarian and globally renown minister dedicated to “the unity of the faith family” is spearheading a movement that is both profoundly needed today as well as worthily pursued where God’s heart for mankind is discerned.

The need is apparent in an hour the ferocity of evil is intensifying and the futility of the hopeless deepening; but God’s heart is awakening a growing band of believers—empowered by His grace.  It is that trait—grace—God’s exceptional ability of God to extraordinarily enable committed people to achieve His best purposes and benevolent intent.  That’s why I am joining my voice with James and others to welcome a grace-given breakthrough of hope-becoming-reality as an advancing “flow of streaming unity” rises to address hurt, hate and hellishness and, “as one,” unleashes the practical dynamics of God’s love and works as we unite with Him and with one another.


Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

The Stream gives the Christian community an unfiltered vehicle to communicate God’s answers to a culture in desperate need for solutions. It is a dream come true to have a 24 hour service for giving and receiving information to inform, strengthen, encourage, educate and challenge Christians from a Kingdom perspective. Thanks goes to James Robison and his team for having the vision to use technology to get God’s message into the hands, hearts and heads of not only believers but the culture at large.


Richard Land, President, Southern Evangelical Seminary

I am delighted that The Stream is being launched. What a wonderful tool it will be in providing the information and the inspiration people of faith will need to be used by God to turn this culture around. Believers from multitudes of faith traditions can go to this site to find reliable, helpful information about the issues and events influencing our culture without the biases that afflict so much of our current electronic and print media.

Among the things The Stream has promised to do is to “break down the false divides between the sacred and the profane, between faith and reason” and “to offer clarity and coherence” in the midst of cultural and spiritual chaos.

Imagine a public square where ideas and opinions are given a respectful hearing without political spin, where actual discussion and debate can take place. That’s The Stream. I will look forward to visiting that public square and to interacting with all those I meet there.


Deacon Keith Fournier, Editor-in-Chief of Catholic Online

As an evangelical Catholic Christian, it is an honor to call James Robison my friend and brother. His demonstrated love for the Lord inspires me. I share his passion for healing divisions in the Body of Christ and his dedication to helping this Nation recover its foundational moral principles — in order to remain free. Rather than curse the darkness, James, along with Jay Richards and Jonathan Witt, has turned on the light. From inspiration to information, The Stream is unique. It is a river offering refreshment to a parched age.


Andy Andrews, New York Times best-selling author of The Traveler’s Gift, The Noticer, and The Butterfly Effect

You might know me as an author or a speaker, but the biggest and best part of my life is this: I am a husband to one, a father to two, and a friend to many. Because my wife, my boys and you (my friends) mean so much to me, my personal choices and actions are of great concern . . . to me!

You see, how a person thinks — and the things a person thinks about — determines that person’s choices and actions. Therefore, I am particularly careful about what I watch and read. Why? Because what I watch and read becomes what I think about all day long!

Finally, you and I now have a specific location on the World Wide Web created just for us. With confidence in the truth and goodness of what we are watching and reading, we can learn, laugh, reason and love without reservation. Like water for the thirsty or the shade of a willow tree to the tired and hot, this place is an oasis of thought. So join me. . . . I’ll meet you at The Stream!

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