Into a world of spiritual darkness God sent “the Light of the world."

Let There Be Light

God spoke, “Let there be light,” and He said it was good as it separated light from darkness. It still does in the physical realm and can in the invisible realm of the Spirit that affects everything on this planet. The invisible influences the visible for good and right, or evil and wrong, and is actually the difference in life and death.

Into a world of spiritual darkness God sent “the Light of the world” – Jesus. He was sent into prevailing spiritual darkness to redeem fallen man. He became light in their lives so mankind could move into the guiding light in a world that “loves darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.”

Would you agree that darkness prevails and our nation’s leaders and much of the population gropes in darkness? They stumble over problems and one another. What is the answer? Let there be light. Light reveals problems, illuminates the way, provides answers and solutions, while also exposing both error and evil. He is the “light of the world,” “a light to our path.” Live in it and you will also be in the “shelter and shadow of the Almighty” at the same time. Light doesn’t move with us; it is not moved by us. We move with it. All should be moved and guided by it. The light that moves us is moving with us. We don’t shine it as a flashlight or spotlight; it shines in us. It radiates from us. We must not allow it to be covered or hidden by any form of compromise, comfort, camaraderie, or compatibility. We set it up high. We exalt its importance by letting people see what it does for us and in us. When we stand with others in supernatural unity, we become the “shining city set on a hill” that cannot, must not, and will not be hidden—because it cannot be. That is the nature of uncovered light.

We must become witnesses — ambassadors of light. The world seeks to ignore His light or substitute something for it. Darkness is its substitute, and division and defeat and destruction and, above all, death. Remember, we do not make it shine, we let it shine, encourage it. Put it on the lamp stand and stand with one another. It is God’s Word that turns darkness into light and chaos into order.

The Father desires people who have ears anxious to hear and eyes longing to see and hearts yielded to His heart and will. Those who hunger and thirst after His righteousness, not religion, will be filled. We must long to hear the Father’s heart and do His will. He is always more anxious to reveal it and share it than most of the family is to hear it, receive it and apply it. Remember, death is the fallout of the fall, and His light is the way to life.

If we live in His light and stand together as a “shining city set on a hill that cannot be hidden,” those suffering in darkness will be attracted to the guiding light that illuminates the way to life, joy, and peace.

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