I Never Would Have Been Born

Please go to The Stream and read the commentaries concerning the fourth, very revealing Planned Parenthood video.

Had Planned Parenthood been active at the time of my birth, I probably would not have been born. The Robison family as we know it with three children, eleven grandchildren, and a first great-grandson (four generations) never would have been. Perhaps my tiny body parts would have been sold to the highest bidder.

It is unimaginable what a once great nation is not only tolerating, but defending and even supporting with tax dollars – all without the consent of over half of the population. Thank God for the courageous, God-loving, life-loving remnant who value life so much they are willing to stand up against the hellish assault on precious, innocent life.

Please read these commentaries and watch the fourth video. I will warn you: it is heartbreaking. May God’s preachers, priests, and people call for a solemn assembly, praying for God to heal our sick nation. Read, watch, and share.

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