A special poem for the brokenhearted.

Healing Broken Hearts

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Sometimes as the Scripture says of God’s time table, it also seems to us that “a day is a thousand years.” Unbearable pain so often seems inevitable and unavoidable. Approximately 60 to 70 percent of the thousands of calls to LIFE Today’s Prayer Center deal with broken hearts and deep pain.

Not long after our precious daughter Robin died, I shared how Betty and I were experiencing the greatest heart break and pain in our 50-year journey together in marriage. I then explained how the first proclamation from Jesus concerning His mission to set captives free actually began with the phrase “I came to bind up the brokenhearted.” I mentioned that after what we had experienced, we want to focus on helping bind up broken hearts.

Betty and I spoke at a retreat last week, and many attending had lost children, spouses and loved ones. Many had been devastated by painful losses. Ministry time was very special and truly blessed of God. One precious woman came up to us and said she was impressed to give us a poem that she believes she had received from God, and she wanted to share it with us. Betty and I wept freely as we read the words. We experienced miraculous healing and understanding through the words we read. We believe the words are very inspiring and God will use them to bind up broken hearts.  Here are those words. Be blessed and share with others.


Freedom for the Captives

Grief, betrayal, hidden pain…behind the smile, the scars remain.

Fragile hearts, when broken, bleed…through the cracks, our trust recedes.

I build a wall, to keep me safe…that painful memories would chafe.

There’s fear and shame behind the wall…Condemnation—Satan’s call.

This wall I worked so hard to build…I had a helper, very skilled.

The enemy who knows every trick…handed me each heavy brick.

Then beckoned me with baited hook…behind the wall, to take a look.

“More pain will come, this won’t be all…we’re going to need a bigger wall.”

His lies made perfect sense to me…a bigger wall, then I’ll be free.

Fear and guilt won’t stand a chance…I’ll take up anger as my lance.

Protected by my vast construction…that no one sees my self-destruction.

Captive in a living hell…my master plan, I built the cell.

There’s no escape, can’t find the key…it’s much too dark in here to see.

Ask for help? I’d rather die…this must be Satan’s favorite lie.

Anger wells, and tears begin…too proud to leave the chains I’m in.

Where in the world could freedom be?…“It isn’t there, child, look to Me.”

On my knees, I make the choice…to lift my eyes, to seek the voice.

I can’t climb out, can’t even stand…Trust Me, child, and take My hand.”

But Lord, the pain will follow me…“It must, if we shall set you free.”

“Never meant for your disgrace…we’ll put it in its proper place.”

“My child, I thought you understood…that I can work all things for good.”

How to lay this burden bare?…It’s who I am, the shame I wear.

“My child, reborn, to dress anew…a crown of beauty, just for you.”

Humbled by the grace received…no longer, by the lies, deceived.

The Father comforts those who mourn…beauty from the ashes born.

My will, surrendered. Yours to lead…walls torn down; the captive freed.

Faith in One, who knows the pain…He bore our sin and rose again.

To trust in Him, so I may live…a heart that’s willing to forgive.

Ears to hear the Word that’s true…trials will come, He’ll bring you through.

Pain has been, and pain will be…choose to walk in victory.

Oil of gladness, for the tears…power and strength, to face the fears.

Use the pain that you’d recall…to find the ones behind their wall.

Be the light, that they might see…tell them where to find the key.

Tell them of a heart restored…freedom found, be our reward.

Display the splendor of the Lord.

received by Cheryl Winchester 

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