I am on a prayerful journey researching history, seeking answers from The Answer and observing the effect of truth when applied or when rejected throughout the ages. I am asking God and others whom I believe have an understanding of the times to join me seeking to find the solid steps necessary to restore freedom’s foundation. Most of the wisdom found in Washington today is carved in stone, and it does not seem to be noticed or applied by many who were elected to serve.

Godlessness and the Necessary Great Awakening

I am on a prayerful journey researching history, seeking answers from The Answer and observing the effect of truth when applied or when rejected throughout the ages. I am asking God and others whom I believe have an understanding of the times to join me seeking to find the solid steps necessary to restore freedom’s foundation. Most of the wisdom found in Washington today is carved in stone, and it does not seem to be noticed or applied by many who were elected to serve. Supernatural intervention and direction is essential if we are to escape the pending world economic crisis and the chaos sure to follow. All who love God, family and freedom must join together to help lead our nation back to sanity.

In consultation with well-informed, principled advisors, I sense we are very close to a catastrophic shaking or a great spiritual awakening. Perhaps both, but my hope and prayer is for us to avoid the crisis by responding to God’s invitation leading to repentance. Our hope is in Him as His life finds expression through transformed, yielded people. When we are able to see clearly the steps we must take and the place we must stand, the world can witness the effect of what can be described as a “spiritual tsunami.” The rising tide of God’s love, wisdom and expressions of genuine compassion will lift us above manmade barriers, including the spirit of sectarianism and dangerous political bias. Truth must prevail! This very possible and necessary awakening is the earnest desire of my heart and you can be assured it is also God’s desire for us.

In a live webcast on Wednesday, I shared some challenges we face and attempted to help viewers and listeners understand the seriousness of the hour. I pointed out how we must focus our prayerful attention on the misdirection brought about by misguided individuals in places of power and influence. Most people, including Christians, have been led to focus their attention on the wrong problem. Then I made clear that wealth, success and the prosperity possible only in free nations and through free market capitalism is not the problem. Money is not the problem – the love of it and the misuse and abuse is the problem! Wealth and prosperity does not create poverty! The absolute fact is that when directed by God, it can help relieve the oppressed and inspire everyone to achieve more than they imagined possible. Prevailing greed and lack of love is the problem, and the church has failed to effectively address both issues. Believers have not discipled the nations or properly maintained the freedom established by true disciples who understood its value and cost. Remember, most impoverished nations of the world are controlled by corrupt systems of government.

The concept of a one-world government, often proposed by those who are under the influence of the prevailing spirit of this world, is born in the pit of hell. Every person who believes in the all-provident Creator and God of this universe must resist this possibility with every fiber of their being. Please pray for ministers and media representatives who attempt to expose the real problem and the belief system that gives energy to all-consuming government power. Remember, those bold enough to speak out will likely be accused by some as the troublemakers.

Betty watched the webcast from our home and began to take notes. She was impressed to pick up her Bible and began to write as I shared with my friend, a former Marxist-Socialist liberal, Dennis Peacocke, who had been transformed by the power of God and is a respected economist and strategist offering services to Christians seeking answers.

Betty read what God said in Jeremiah 24:7, “I will give them a heart to know Me, for I am the Lord; and they will be My people, and I will be their God, for they will return to Me with their whole heart.” Betty understood even as she read and as Dennis and I shared with business and church leaders around the world our deep concern emphasizing the importance of prayer and action. She wrote the following thoughts:

Godlessness is prevailing. Today there are many who are proud of the fact they are godless. Power is their key motivation and they are in full support of big government. It is as though they want the power to own and control all Americans while promoting their own interests. Power to make all decisions. Power to destroy all that threatens their strength. Power to distribute all money and possessions. POWER! It’s all about power!! Power throughout life and after death. Dangerous power! Damaging power! Politicians are taking away all possibility for real compassion and replacing it with force. Taking away freedoms and choices as individuals. Devaluing life and the sanctity of life. We need to awaken Zion. Wake up, church, from your slumber. God is blowing the trumpet in Zion (also the church)!

God said we will always have the poor and we are to find ways to effectively help them. Our system of freedom and the free market is not the problem. The lack of direct connection with those who suffer and erroneously teaching them to depend upon others without seeing the possibility for improvement is hurting them. We need to believe in right and wrong again. Our conscience needs to be renewed, hopefully in the Lord. If we continue down the path we are on, we will lose all heart and all ability to be loving, caring and responsible people. Government has no heart. We are being stripped of the principles upon which our country was founded, a foundation upon God and His truth. What part of truth are you going to grab hold of and allow to take hold of you? Truth can win! Truth can triumph! Truth must prevail! Stand! Pray! Prayer is the communication that the enemy absolutely hates. He is passionate about keeping us from praying. Prayer is powerful and the enemy knows it. He wants people to feel hopeless and all alone. God wants us to stand and live in His shadow, fulfilling His purpose on this earth. We can disciple the nations by reaching people with the love of God!

I was thrilled when I came home and Betty began sharing with me the notes that she had written as she listened to the webcast. God has broken my heart for this great nation and her response is what I hope for on the part of all who are disturbed by increasing godlessness and lukewarm Christians. Our nation is being led down a path to ruin by misguided leaders who have been chosen through the democratic process. Many voters have been manipulated. I honestly believe most have been misinformed and even deceived. We are witnessing an all-out assault against nearly everything sacred which certainly includes marriage, family, right to life, free speech (especially from the pulpit), prayer in public, security, and even the Constitution itself.

God says in Romans 13 that authority is established by God and we are subject to the will and decisions made by those in authority. Scripture reveals that ruling authorities bear the sword as an avenger bringing wrath on those who practice evil. As I referenced in the teleconference, it is critically important for us to understand that in a democracy we have chosen those who are in authority. We have leaders who are, as the Old Testament said, “priests after our own heart.” As a nation, we have put the powers in place by our own choice, and we are the recipients of the consequences of those choices. The actions taken reveal the consequences clearly. Leaders have been put in place who believe we must trust government as our source and that this powerful force can rightfully take from others and disburse it according to their own ideology.

We are seeing the authorities that have been chosen to rule over us allowed to replace God and, as Betty said, even godliness. Through a blatant takeover, we are watching them begin to destroy our ability to be fruitful overseers of what has been entrusted to our care. To paraphrase the prophet Joel, the consuming locusts can take away the potential productivity. As I shared in the webcast, God says that if we will repent and rend our heart, not just our garments, He will return to us, He will restore and make up to us the years that the swarming, creeping and stripping locusts have eaten. God references this consuming power as His army of judgment revealing the consequences of putting another power in place of Him. Idolatry destroys meaning in life and leads to every imaginable form of bondage which includes excessive government making citizens slaves of the state. Just as He did in the days of Joel, God is calling us to weep, pray and return to Him with all our heart. God has promised, just as He did at Pentecost, that He would pour out His power and His spirit upon our lives and then, through our lives, in a truly dry and thirsty land.

I am convinced there is a great heart hunger on the part of God’s people. I believe there is a longing for His presence and guidance. We know Christ is coming back, but I believe it would be a mistake for Christians to be looking for an “emergency exit.” God wants us to be adorned in His glory and power, releasing His love and life all over the world so that we are truly dressed as a bride fit for the coming King and groom – Jesus Christ Himself.

In my opinion, this is the moment for a Great Awakening when we can witness what appears to be a valley of dry bones as Ezekiel did and watch them come together in glorious connectedness, and then made complete as yielded individuals. The power and Spirit of God will come upon believers as Joel prophesied, enabling us to stand as a mighty army. We must witness what I recently referred to as the silent majority beginning to speak loudly through their actions rather than mere words helping create this true, glorious tidal wave of love, lifting us above the barriers dividing people into many fruitless camps.

I am confident you will join us in prayerful pursuit of God’s will being accomplished through all those who love God, family and freedom. I encourage you to consider watching Wednesday’s webcast and even forward my messages to friends who will join us in prayer. You might also encourage them to scan through the archives reviewing the various subjects God has impressed me to discuss that relate to our common concerns.

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