Don’t Let Any Pit Become a Grave

In her bestselling book Get Out of the Pit, Beth Moore says, “You can fall into a pit, you can be thrown in a pit, or you can jump in the pit!”

Have your foolish choices or actions ever landed you in a deep pit? Mine certainly have—more than once. I thank God that I did recognize it was an awful, dreadful place to be.

The pit we dig for ourselves can become a grave. That is always the enemy’s intent, but never God’s will. It can often become a grave when the stone-throwers, mud-slingers, and accusers bury you face-down in it. They will line up, anxious and excited to finish you off.

It can also become a grave if you just turn away and bury your face in the dirt, failing to look up into the radiant, grace-filled face of a Savior, who is leaning down at the edge of the pit and waiting for you to allow Him to lift you up and out of the filth, failure, and even self-condemnation.

Remember, even the unrepentant prophet rejecting Jerusalem received a glorious invitation from Jesus as He wept over the city, encouraging the Jewish people to run to the shelter and shadow of the Almighty as chicks to the wings of a hen. Our wonderful Savior faithfully declares, “My grace is sufficient to cover all of your sin, and I will clothe you in my righteousness with peace on your feet and joy unspeakable overflowing in your liberated heart.”

He anxiously awaits. Will you turn to Him now and experience the power of transforming grace and truth?

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