I want to encourage others who have lost a loved one.

Christmas – Never the Same to Us

Christmas will always be a glorious celebration for “Unto us a Savior is born and He is Christ the Lord.” Yes, and He is indeed our Lord and Savior. Betty and I love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.

We will always remember our excitement about Christmas when we were young. We can also easily recall our children’s excitement about this most special occasion, and later our eleven grandchildren too. They are precious memories for all of us. As Christians we always pray for others who’s loved ones are not with them at this special season. We faithfully and with deep concern pray for God’s comfort in their behalf.

For us, now and every Christmas to come we will celebrate the birth of our Lord, but at the same time remember the loss of our precious little girl Robin Rochelle Robison Turner who left us to be with Jesus two years ago, just three days after Christmas. We sure do miss our beautiful little surprise to us all – our youngest daughter. Betty was not supposed to be able to have another child after our first baby, Rhonda, was born. Five years later, we adopted our son, Randy, and then when he was three, we received a miraculous surprise – Robin! She came into the world battling for life, and went such an extended time before she took her first breath, the doctor rated her so low that it appeared she might live in a vegetative state. The opposite was true! She was full of energy and overflowing with life. Our lives and every inch of our home were saturated with her joy. She was amazing and graced this earth with heaven’s joy for forty very special years. Hers was a legacy of life.

Robin married a man who loves Jesus just as she did. Her husband Ken Turner joined us as we watched our daughter become a wonderful wife, dedicated mother, and an inspiration to everyone. I truly wish I could be more like her. All who knew her saw, as the old hymn says, “Jesus only, always living in her.” Her children continue to be wonderful examples and witnesses for Christ.

“Why, Lord, is she not here with us?” I often ask as I look even now through tears while trying to write and express gratitude for a life so well lived. I know we did not lose her; we know exactly where she is – standing with the Savior whose birth we celebrate. Without this assurance of life eternal in the glorious presence of our Lord, we could not bear the loss.

I make a promise to the Savior whose birth we celebrate and to our daughter Robin we miss so much:  Betty and I will exalt you, Jesus, as Lord of all and worthy of our praise. We will share you faithfully until we meet you and join Robin in your presence forever where there will be no death, sorrow, disease, or tears. Lord Jesus, we love you and thank you for loving us so much and taking such good care of our little girl.

Precious Robin, I promise to encourage everyone to experience and express the life abundant found in Christ just as you demonstrated it so faithfully to your family and friends during your forty-year journey on earth. While here you revealed His will and the kingdom of heaven you now enjoy. Your walk with Him was an example to us all. We love you, Robin, and miss you so much.

Betty and I want to encourage others who have lost a loved one: The Lord will heal your broken heart. He is mending our hearts too. Some things will never be the same without Robin, but we have much to be thankful for and new beginnings to celebrate. That’s what she would want; she was our party planner. We are so proud of all of our children and grandchildren. Two of our grandchildren got married this year, and we will be great -grandparents next year. We are so very blessed.

Betty and I pray God’s comfort and peace upon you and your family this Christmas. You are dearly loved!

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