Change We Can Believe In

God has mercifully given us the opportunity to see our nation awaken and begin the healing process. The runaway train now known to be an out-of-control, excessive, secular progressive (basically socialistic) federal government has at least been slowed, but not yet brought under control.

What must be done? Corrections must be initiated by wise, freedom-loving representatives and Americans. All who profess to know God as Father and Jesus as Savior must help lead the way. Every Christian must be determined to live as faithful, courageous, salt and light expressions for Christ’s Kingdom purpose. We must be the “shining city set on a hill.”

Chosen representatives must come to the table of reason in unity, seeking effective solutions. Healthcare was a problem before a divided Congress made it even worse. It can and must be corrected. Although challenging, we need to hear from wise leaders who can help. Some happen to be my friends, like the great neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and a truly concerned entrepreneur, Foster Friess. Their suggestions are certainly worth consideration. Leaders should at least hear wise men like them.

In contrast, there’s no evidence that opposition to unbiblical ideas, such as so-called “same sex marriage,” abortion, and abortifacient drugs dragged down Republican candidates. Conversely, support for such positions failed to help liberal candidates on the margins. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Democratic candidates that led with abortion looked like extremists, and they lost.

These Democrats hoped to appeal to women voters on the assumption that most are left-wing, pro-abortion, gender-confused feminists. Hence their fabrication of a “War on Women.” No two candidates embraced this message with more zeal than Wendy Davis in Texas and Mark Udall in Colorado. Both enjoyed the campaigning largesse of Planned Parenthood and fawning and sympathetic coverage from the mainstream media. Both were blown out of the water.

What are the lessons? First, voters in the political center don’t like to hear much about abortion. In charging up the rabid pro-abortion base, the Democratic candidates turned off a lot of swing voters. In Colorado, this includes many Hispanic voters, who are more pro-life than the general population.

Second, Republican candidates have no good cause to abandon life and marriage. Republican Scott Brown was narrowly defeated in New Hampshire. He avoided the issues altogether, but is thought to be socially liberal. Who knows how the election would have turned out if he had taken a clear and consistent conservative stand? But one thing is clear: In most districts, the stray independent votes picked up by Republican candidates who embraced abortion and a redefinition of marriage would have been more than offset by the millions of social conservative voters who would have been repelled.

We need good, sound government of the people, by the people and for the people. We must stop allowing those with a godless worldview to impose damaging ideas and policies on the American people. Principled leaders should realize that they have little to gain, and a great deal to lose, by compromising on either economic or social issues. Our nation, and the world, can return to timeless truths. Perhaps we saw the beginning of the necessary course correction this week.

Lovers of freedom should all thank God for positive progress, but must not think for one moment the battle is won – it is not! The Lord has given us the opportunity to be inspired tostand, well informed on the issues and actively involved, preventing the enemy from taking one inch of God’s sacred turf or the freedom He offers.




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