A Great Birthday Gift for Jesus

Imagine a family Christmas gathering where several members are bickering and dividing. No amount of shiny presents under the tree could make that a joyful occasion. What any sane person would long for in such a moment would be for a spirit of peace and brotherly love to rein over the gathering. Jesus is no different in this respect. The Prince of Peace longs for his family on earth to be one in spirit, united by the bond of peace.

So let’s give Jesus the greatest possible birthday gift this Christmas as we celebrate the birth that made possible the “new birth” and reshaped life now and for eternity in the most positive way. This year let’s give Him a birthday gift that will thrill Him and the Father, and inspire the greatest possible angelic praise on high. As committed believers determined to soar as eagles on the turbulence of the times, let us stop bickering and dividing amongst each other and instead become the united people God uses to spark the greatest awakening in history.

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