The Stream Launches Wednesday, Jan.28

A new website launches next week. The vision for The Stream began in prayer four years ago and will be launched in and through prayer on January 28th. My vision for this national daily is to bring together tributaries of wisdom that for too long have functioned in isolation one from another.

The need is urgent. Our nation is on a perilous course. Our religious and political freedoms are eroding before our eyes, and our government seems unable to live within its means or within the proper bounds established for it by our forefathers. The book of Hosea speaks of a people “destroyed for lack of knowledge.” But The Stream is dedicated to the proposition that this need not be our future.

We have lived through the age of the “Somebodies,” big egos clashing head to head with one another, or operating in isolated siloes. I believe God is now calling us from the age of the Somebodies and back to the age of the one Body. The Stream is committed to such unity, not a unity rooted in relativism but a strong, principled unity.

Iron that never touches iron sharpens nothing. At the other extreme, iron that comes to blows with iron notches and dulls the blade. But where a people meet at the table of reason and discourse—spirited discourse at times, to be sure, but always thoughtful, respectful and genuinely desiring the good of all—then friction actually sharpens the blade.

This is my vision for The Stream, a national daily where those concerned about our nation’s perilous course can gather for news, wisdom and inspiration, and not feel as if faith must exist only on the margins. We’ll have a God page, but really every page on The Stream is God’s. The Psalm reminds us that “the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,” and this is why you will find The Stream covering and commenting on everything from breaking news and entertainment to family issues, religion stories and the great outdoors. It’s all God’s, and The Stream will wind through it all.

Join us, praying that the promise declared in Psalm 46:4 will prove true concerning the site we have established: “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God …” And sign up now for The Stream email reminder so you can join us for the big launch.

Please encourage your friends to join you at next Wednesday, January 28!

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