Uncle Sam must not be allowed to masquerade as Father God.

Next Tuesday Vote Principles!

We have a chance next Tuesday to slow down the assault on our precious freedoms and the foundational principles upon which they stand. The blatant attack on faultless pastors in Houston who stood for biblical truth and the right to vote against a terrible ordinance is but one example of what we will witness consistently if people don’t take a stand. This is a clear example of Christians’ failure to be salt and light, protecting the precious, revealing evil and the correct way to live.

Please hear this: If the American people do not now begin to bring our ever-increasing, over-reaching federal government under control, all freedoms are in jeopardy. Good government passes, upholds and enforces good laws. Many of the bureaucratic agencies established under the guise of protecting the people have become dangerously predatory and committed to protecting their bureaucratic turf and interests. They are impossible for businesses and productive citizens to stand against. They can basically shut down anyone and any organization they target. They dare all protestors or those who resist to comply or die, so to speak, and consistently overstep legitimate rights and boundaries when dealing with an individual or business. They seldom offer meaningful, effective correction, but threaten those they accuse in the harshest possible manner. Consider the inappropriate steps the IRS took toward conservative groups, and then their total dishonesty when called on the carpet by Congress. Any individual or business owner acting in such a manner would have been taken to court, tried, convicted, and sentenced.

Old Testament prophets consistently held up Godly standards, calling the nation back to the solid foundation of truth. Jesus himself proclaimed that He was the way, the truth, and the life – the ultimate standard for meaningful life.

In the case of civil laws, these are, in theory, designed to help us live in harmony with others by protecting individual rights, punishing evil, and pursuing justice for all. Take a clear case such as murder. Our standard is that murder is wrong and, in some states, punishable by death. When someone commits murder, our nation’s commitment to upholding the standard demands that the accused person be held for trial and, if found guilty, punished appropriately. The terms are decided by a jury of his or her peers, yet within predetermined boundaries.

What would happen if a jury suddenly decided that the predetermined boundaries didn’t apply to them? If they said that it was clearly first-degree murder, but declared themselves no longer bound by law and instead of convicting the murderer appointed him as the local sheriff, the appropriate reaction would be one of outrage. The public outcry would not only justified, but entirely righteous. The very foundations of a civilized society would require that jury to conform to the standard. Yet many people live their lives as if constitutional and biblical standards should be adjusted to conform to their practices or preferences. We must remember that we don’t set the reliable standards –God does!

Please, please pray and vote based on principles on Tuesday, November 4. We must reign in an out-of-control, all-consuming federal government and we must vote into office leaders who understand the importance of good, healthy, limited government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” This is your opportunity to uphold standards that matter to all who love life and freedom and begin to help by bringing the government under control. Uncle Sam must not be allowed to masquerade as Father God. Only people who know their place and personal responsibility can keep the government and our representatives in their place.

I will be preaching in the 10am worship service this Sunday at Grace Community Church in Houston[1] where the “I Stand Sunday” rally will be held. I will also speak at 1:30pm for Comunidad de Gracia (the Spanish-speaking congregation). Please pray for me and attend if you can. Betty and I will also attend the “I Stand Sunday” rally at 6pm, standing for the right to preserve our religious liberty and freedom to vote.

The greater Houston area is the place of my birth, where I was born again, where I was called to preach, met Betty, fell in love, and married her nearly 52 years ago. Houston was where I preached the first of 600 citywide crusades when I was only 19. My heart is now breaking for the city of my birth. It is sad to see what has happened and to know 13% of the people in Houston put a mayor in office who stands diametrically opposed to the laws of nature and nature’s God. Where were those who claimed to believe there are reliable standards and principles? This is not the time for foolish expressions of anger, but for love and compassion for all who are held captive and defeated in any way. We all need to experience and share the grace and unmerited favor of God revealed in Christ.

I am praying the people of Houston and this occasion will help stimulate the next and necessary Great Awakening. Perhaps I will see you in Houston. Again, please pray and vote principles on Tuesday, November 4.


[1] 14505 Gulf Freeway Houston, TX 77034 (I-45 South at Dixie Farm Road). Also, remember Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend, so set your clock back one hour Saturday night.

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