If America won't fall on her face before God, all hell will break out.

Will Fools Return To Wisdom?

Americans are foolishly being led by Judas goats as lambs to the slaughter – away from God’s wisdom and the protective hedge of His Word. Many Americans and national leaders have foolishly and blatantly rejected the wisdom that comes from God alone. The enemy of truth and freedom has come against our once-great nation like a flood.

The border crisis again exemplifies the consequences of rejecting God and His Word. Elected leadership in Washington has proven to be beyond stupid – many have proven to be fools – always the result of rejecting God’s wisdom and changing His truth into a lie. As we tend to children brought over by human traffickers, the porous border is open to drug cartels and terrorists to cross as they please.

The Bible clearly reveals what happens when the hedge of God’s truth is removed and the walls of protection are destroyed and the foundation crumbles. Chaos, ruin, pain, misery, and all that is precious is trampled underfoot and we witness it.

Can you not see insanity ruling and many elected representatives incapable of leading? Aren’t you sick of the mindless blame game and foolish stump speeches leading us nowhere good? Well, hear this and hear it loud and clear, if American leadership and the majority who can help correct our perilous course do not fall on their faces before God and cry out for His mercy, forgiveness, cleansing, healing, and the wisdom He offers, you are about to witness ALL HELL BREAK OUT!

When have you heard this president or members of Congress since 9/11 even once cry out loudly for Americans to fall on their faces before God in humility, brokenness, and prayer? Our founders did and many presidents and national leaders throughout our history have done it. Surely the challenges and ever-increasing crises we face illustrate the need for God’s grace and wisdom. But one might ask, how can leaders call for a prayer meeting to a God our courts have declared can’t even be mentioned in our schools, businesses, sporting events, or other public places? Why ask people to pray to a God that Congress and the courts have dismissed and even expelled from American life?

How do we justify praying to God when, as Isaiah said, “Your sins have cut you off from God… your hands are those of murderers… Your fingers filthy with sin… Your lips full of lies… Your lawsuits are based on lies… You conceive evil… Give birth to sin and your feet run to evil… misery and destruction follow you… You don’t know where to find peace… You look for bright skies, but walk in gloom… You are like people without eyes, unable to see… You have rebelled and denied the Lord… Turned your backs on God… Carefully planning deceitful lies…” (Our national leaders continually deliver politically crafted speeches to manipulate thoughtless people and it continues to work.) “Truth stumbles in the street… Honesty is outlawed… Truth is gone… Anyone who renounces evil is attacked.” I have personally been criticized for challenging Christians to stand up together as bold witnesses for God and for truth resisting evil, being effective as salt and light helping impact and correct our nation’s perilous course. I have been criticized for trying to inspire an end to the biggest church fight in history between Catholics and Protestants by calling all sides to repentance and true holiness and an intimate personal relationship with Christ. Believe me, there is room for massive repentance on the part of every person who professes to know God and believes relationship with God is more important than mere religion. And our God is big enough to heal any divide, including those between professing Christians.

I will not stop speaking out and become silent because there is too much at stake when we foolishly reject the wisdom from above. As Dietrich Bonheoffer said, “Not to speak is to speak – not to act is to act.” Proverbs declares, “Wisdom shouts in the streets. She cries out in the public square. She calls to the crowds along the main street, to those gathered in front of the city gate…” But very few hear and heed.

In our day wisdom has been rejected and as a result, the prince of the power of the air and now, yes, also the power of the airwaves has drowned out wisdom’s voice, ignored it or misrepresented it. That must change and must change soon and it’s up to believers, church leaders, pastors, priests, evangelists, prophets begin to boldly release wisdom’s healing stream. Children of God must now rise up by first falling down on their knees in prayer and repentance and then standing up together as we have been commissioned to do. While standing together as bold witnesses, truly the shining city on a hill, professing Christians could overcome the prevailing darkness and release the transforming light of God’s truth. Yes, that’s right, and as one important example, if those who profess to know Christ, believe in God as Father and Creator, would stand up together, we could vote out every incompetent member of Congress and every national leader and replace them with leaders like Jethro advised Moses to selectelectchoose: able men – truly competent (could certainly be women); such as fear God – understand the importance of living in the shadow and shelter of the Almighty; men of truth – believe wisdom comes from God and His Word; hating covetousness – honest and honorable.

We could impeach corrupt judges and justices. We could rid the House of every representative who openly mocks God and His Word, fails to understand the importance of faith, family and freedom, personal responsibility, and the Constitution. We should remove those who are so incompetent they can’t even balance a checkbook, a budget, or make sane decisions. We could secure the borders, address every national ill, meet every challenge and stop building an even greater crisis in the name of compassion and in order to manipulate political advantage (which is exactly what is happening on the border). We could stop the nonsense, stop the insanity, stop the blatant rebellion, and return to God. Now is the time for our church and national leaders to do just as our forefathers and many of our Presidents did by calling for a solemn assembly to seek the mercy and wisdom God offers and do it now!

I will continue calling for all true believers from every sectarian group, denomination, Catholic or Protestant, Democrat and Republican to sit down together at the table of reason – beginning as our Founders did on their knees in prayer seeking wisdom and direction from Divine Providence. Consider the words of three of our nation’s presidents. Two Democrats, the other a Republican, when facing grave national challenges and needed what only God can provide – WISDOM.


The Almighty God has blessed our land in many ways. He has given our people stout hearts and strong arms with which to strike mighty blows for freedom and truth. He has given to our country a faith which has become the hope of all peoples in an anguished world.

So we pray to Him now for the vision to see our way clearly–to see the way that leads to a better life for ourselves and for all our fellow men–to the achievement of His will to peace on earth.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Fourth Inaugural Address
January 20, 1945


The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe–the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God….

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.

John F. Kennedy
Inaugural Address
January 20, 1961


Since her beginning America has held fast to this hope of divine providence, this vision of “man with God.”

It is true that world peace is jeopardized by those who view man—not as a noble being—but as an accident of nature, without soul, and important only to the extent he can serve an all-powerful state.

But it is our spiritual commitment—more than all the military might in the world—that will win our struggle for peace.

It is not “bombs and rockets” but belief and resolve—it is humility before God that is ultimately the source of America’s strength as a nation.

Our people always have held fast to this belief, this vision, since our first days as a nation….

Let us resolve tonight that young Americans will always see those Potomac lights; that they will find there a city of hope in a country that is free.  And let us resolve they will say of our day and our generation that we did keep faith with our God, that we did act “worthy of ourselves”; that we did protect and pass on lovingly that shining city on a hill.

Gov. Ronald Reagan
Election Eve Address
November 3, 1980

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