Betty is my greatest source of inspiration, comfort, and encouragement.

Happy Birthday, Betty!

James and Betty RobisonThis Saturday, November 22, is Betty’s birthday. She will catch me again. She always says, “When you tell everyone how old you are on your October birthday, you don’t have to tell them I will catch you in just over a month.” I smile because no one ever believes she is even close to my age. What a beautiful woman and person she is!

How is it possible a 15-year-old boy could find and recognize such a precious, matchless treasure? I know so well—it was the Father God I loved as deeply as a kid possibly could. He cared so much for a boy who missed having a father that in Divine wisdom He directed my eyes, mind, and heart to Betty. Next to receiving Jesus as Lord, Betty is the greatest discovery of my life and the best decision I ever made when I asked for her hand in marriage nearly 52 years ago. God has blessed our love and relationship with three beautiful children, 11 grandchildren and, next year, our first great-grandchild. What a thrill!

November is a significant birthday month for our family. On November 4, our 22-year-old grandson Lincoln Redmon was born. November 16 marked the 20th birthday of another grandson, Cody Turner. Our grandson Luke Redmon, who got married in the spring, turned 24 on November 17. On November 18, we celebrated what would have been our baby girl’s 42nd birthday.

As you know, Robin went into the arms of Jesus three days after Christmas nearly two years ago, so this year she celebrated her special day with Jesus in the glories of heaven. Please, please, dear reader and all with ears to hear and eyes to see, don’t miss the life available now and for all eternity found only in personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. What a friend we have in Him! God’s grace has enabled us to rejoice over her life and precious memories here on this earth and life forever with our Lord. We look forward to spending eternity with her in the presence of the Lord and all who receive the redemption He freely offers. Robin showed us heaven with her life, just as her mother Betty does with every breath she takes.

Betty is my greatest source of inspiration, comfort, and encouragement. So often, she is the Holy Spirit’s helper, pointing out things I miss. She is my wife, love, and the best friend a man could ever have.

Dearest Betty, no poet, novelist, scholar, skilled writer, or orator could possibly express adequately the love, respect, and appreciation I have for you. Thank you for being more than I could ever dream or imagine. You are beautiful and the purest expression and demonstration of a true, living SWEETHEART. Forgive all of my foolish actions and insensitivity that has bruised in any way your most precious and tender heart. I long to please our Lord every day I live and will be seeking to learn in every way how to love you as Christ loves us. No birthday gift I could ever offer could in any way match the gift of unconditional love, purity and devotion to me and the family you have always demonstrated.

Happy birthday and so many, many more as you continue to pour out the love and grace of God that I, your family, and so many others witness every time they see you!



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