Christians, people of faith, and preachers of the Word of God are obligated to speak out boldly and to stand for their convictions.

Faith, Leadership, and Politics

America has been headed in the wrong direction – straight into the ditch of out-of-control debt, with government agencies enforcing rules that were never passed and had even been rejected by Congress. Much of the media and population continually mock the God of the Bible, diminishing the value of marriage, family and even innocent life itself. Blind leaders have our blind nation headed over a cliff. Thank God some representatives and preachers and priests see what is coming, as do many people, and they want to help right our ship of state.

With freedom under attack, I have good news to announce from God. He is the “shelter from the storm and the Shepherd who will lead us to lie down in green pastures, beside still waters, restore us body and soul, while preparing a table before us with goodness and mercy following us even in the presence of many enemies” and accusers.

Even though the importance of God and faith is put aside by a liberal, biased media, I believe as strongly in the freedom of press and expression as I do the importance of freedom to preach, worship and assemble. These are gifts from “nature’s God” and our founders. I will always defend every God-given constitutional right while also strongly emphasizing personal responsibility.

Whenever issues of national and moral importance (which have now been made political) are addressed by a preacher, priest or rabbi, we hear the outcry, “Stay out of politics!” In other words, they say ministers must avoid real-life issues, problems and challenges on the national stage by never standing up with hopeful, helpful solutions. The truth is Christians, all people of faith and certainly preachers of the Word of God are bound and obligated to speak out boldly and to stand for their convictions. People with a secular, humanist, God-denying view that assaults the Judeo-Christian biblical views and diminishes the importance of founding documents are continually organizing in every community. They force their views on the population through protests and radical political activism while never giving up an inch of their “sacred” turf, however unsacred it actually is. They expect the church community to shut up and go back to sleep, and keep your faith to yourself.

I am called to preach the Word of the living God, “the Way, the Truth and the Life.” I can and I will do no other. Now is the time to “call a solemn assembly, to rend our hearts, not our garments.” No more religious pretense. It is time to stop “honoring God with our lips” and begin honoring Him with all of our hearts, with everything that is in us. As Christians it is of utmost importance that we not just try to tell people how to live, but actually show them how to live by our example. New Testament believers were so full of life and love they turned their upside-down world right side up.

I am challenging all leaders in the faith community to stand up for faith and freedom. In spite of the protestations to the contrary, the secularist doesn’t want to discuss the real issues of mankind’s dilemma, so they focus on disqualifying the opponent. If they can get the public to dismiss or disqualify the faith perspective, they don’t have to address their own inadequate solutions. They have no hopeful answers to the main questions. How did we all get here? “It just happened.” Wow! That is a stimulating answer. What is right and wrong? “Well, the evolutionary process hasn’t had time to produce a truly workable situation.” So our hope is waiting for another billion years? Or they may posit that there is nothing wrong and this is the way things are supposed to be. No wonder, they try to disqualify those who have better answers to the questions all people face.

Am I being too political? Ministers are commissioned by God to speak out on issues that affect the people He created and His desire for their best. He loves them enough to instruct them in living in His world, guide them in discovering a grand destiny, warn them when they are in harm’s way, forgive them when they acknowledge transgression, and restore them to His purpose. How are they going to know unless someone proclaims it? I am one of those called to tell them. That is the role of preachers. Life is about making choices. Politics is about policies that guide choices. They do connect.

I endorse the biblical view of history. I believe in the creator who has purpose in his creation. I believe that for any law to work properly, it must align with the purpose revealed in biblical revelation, which features human dignity, personal responsibility, justice, and redemption. I endorse upholding the constitution as the basis for laws in our nation. Though the constitution is not a divinely-inspired document, it reflects many of the values of the divinely-inspired scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and deserves to be honored for its role as a foundational cornerstone for civil government in this nation. We ignore it or misinterpret it to our peril.

I exhort all people to be responsible, informed, and active in managing their personal lives, as well as their communities, and their nation. I am grieved to discover that only a small percentage of eligible voters even avail themselves of that privilege and responsibility. It is our nation. Its failure or success depends on our involvement.

I embrace the sound principles of truth, justice, liberty, and personal stewardship. I embrace the family as the primary cornerstone for a sustainable society. I embrace the community of faith as the salt and life in this world. I embrace civil government as the protector of our freedom but not the provider of our needs.

I expose evil as the negation of true love. It ignores dignity and justice, and if left unidentified, will destroy a person or a society. I am against bad policy. If it doesn’t align with the eternal principles of design it will destroy rather than protect. Pragmatism alone is not sufficient reason to establish policy. It might seem to work for a while, but unintended consequences will always show up. Policy based on current public opinion is as worthless as yesterday’s newspaper. The only sure foundation for policy is transcendent truth. Those who don’t believe in such a thing have little chance in developing good policy. If it doesn’t work or isn’t sustainable, no matter how sincere the instigators, stop the madness! It is worse than suicidal; it becomes murder – death to people and a secure future.

I encourage every person to assume responsibility for their own lives, their decisions and to diligently seek to assist others. I encourage qualified people to serve whether on a homeowners association, PTA, school board, local office, state and national. We need the best to run and be elected to serve for the benefit of the people. It is our duty – actually a calling. I encourage every citizen to be very well informed (commitment is required – you must consider what is best for everyone), and be actively involved. Vote faithfully and with conviction for those who hold truth, freedom and sound principles dear.

I will endure – I am in the race to win, not just an election, not the approval of men, but the “race God has set before us all.” This is a race for the full expression of the life, love and liberty only God can give which people are to share. I will “stand and having stood keep standing.” I want to inspire everyone to first get on our face before God and then stand on our feet for God.

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