Don’t Kill The Goose

There was once a Countryman who possessed the most wonderful Goose you can imagine, for every day when he visited the nest, the Goose had laid a beautiful, glittering, golden egg.


The Countryman took the eggs to market and soon began to get rich. But it was not long before he grew impatient with the Goose because she gave him only a single golden egg a day. He was not getting rich fast enough.


Then one day, after he had finished counting his money, the idea came to him that he could get all the golden eggs at once by killing the Goose and cutting it open. But when the deed was done, not a single golden egg did he find, and his precious Goose was dead.


– Aesop

In America what represents the golden goose in Aesop’s famous fable? People created in the image of God who today, because of the faith and wisdom of our nation’s founders, live with the freedom to create, work hard, and prosper. Liberty grants them both the privilege and responsibility to meet needs and challenges while pursuing their own dreams and assisting others in meaningful pursuits.

Our Creator is both God and Father who loves to see His children blessed and freely able to bless others. History reveals that when God is no longer in first place as the wise overseeing Father, men forfeit their freedom through foolish idolatry, selfish indulgences, irresponsiblility, and insensitivity to God and others. When we fail to love God and our neighbor, we will lose freedom personally and nationally and watch our productivity diminish. The inability to produce wealth and prosperity not only robs us of our own blessing, but also prevents us from being in a position to bless others.

The noose that kills the goose is excessive control by any power other than God and the effective oversight given by free and responsible people. For us here in America, the noose is the over-reaching and excessive control of an ever-expanding, all-consuming federal government and its bureaucracies, along with freedom-damaging regulations. Supported by the godless idea that the government can care for its citizens better than they can care for themselves and others, the noose is rapidly tightening and choking out the life and freedom which was handed to us by those who understand freedom, responsibility, and true prosperity. It is both the excess and greed on the part of those who prosper as well as the envy and covetousness of those who lack, which is used to justify the federal noose being tightened, ultimately killing the goose that enabled us to be the most prosperous and benevolent nation in history. Never doubt the father of lies is determined to steal, kill, and destroy.

Remember, it is the same success and prosperity which consumes some people, leading them to be totally selfish, that also enables those who have been blessed and prosper to assist the poor and needy. Those who work hard and succeed also help fuel the economy by investing, creating business and opportunity, and producing the benefits derived from their consumerism. It is a measure of wealth and a level of prosperity that enables any person to purchase something they need or desire.

To use a simple example, if a family has the means to buy one car or a car for every member of their family, that ability supports the production of automobiles. Whether it is one family owning four cars or four families owning one car, you have still provided jobs for the labor force. Whether a person has one house or perhaps more, you still see the housing market strengthened. If no one has the ability to make a purchase, the economy is drastically weakened. There must be a labor force to produce whatever people need and entrepreneurs to create things that people want. It is always best for purchases to be made by those who can afford to make the payments immediately or in a timely manner.

Never doubt that out-of-control people will lose their freedom to an out-of-control, all-consuming power. Truly free people will keep the Ten Commandments beginning with the first, “Have no other gods before Me,” and the last, “Thou shalt not covet.” Put God first, work hard and be productive, while encouraging everyone to assist others. We need first a commitment and consecration to God, followed by compassion and care for others. When this happens you can watch the goose soar like an eagle and gratefully behold the manifest blessings of our God and Father. This will happen when we decide to put God and others before ourselves, not because we foolishly assault the goose of opportunity.

Let me share a simple Bible lesson: The prodigal son received from his father his rightful inheritance and then proceeded to mismanage and waste it until he found himself in great want. The loving father waited anxiously for the son to come to his senses and return home, making things right. The prodigal returned as a repentant son with a changed heart and the attitude of a humble, willing servant. Problem solved!

In no way did the wise father give that foolish son more money to waste. No way! Our out-of-control government is demanding that we give them more to mismanage without first coming to their senses and finding every possible way to reduce their spending. If you want to rapidly assist the tightening of the noose that will kill the goose, just give irresponsible leaders more of the American people’s means to waste with mismanagement. Don’t dare attempt to justify this wrongdoing by saying the money will be taken from someone else (like the rich, our children and those yet to be born) and that will justify the foolishness. It will not! It is so easy to overlook stealing when it’s not yours.

Remember, if something is legitimately worthy of support, it is worthy of the support of every American citizen at whatever level they can participate. That is what commitment and compassion looks like. Everyone does their part by sharing God’s heart and bearing responsibility.

There will never be a shortcut to right. It will always be the narrow way and those who find it will have life and freedom. Let’s make the New Year a new beginning. Count me in!

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  1. Great column, indeed. But it will be even greater if it gets into the hands of every member of Congress, the President, and the Federal Reverve. Any chance they will get hold of your column and read it, Rev. Robision? I pray they do for a wake-up call.

    Thank you, Rev. Robision

    E A Pate, USA

  2. Amen, and Amen, all the way from Australia. God bless you and yours forever.

  3. Another excellent message James. You right James, when we don’t put God and others before ourselves, and we focus on our selfish needs, we end up putting our trust in the government instead to take care of our needs. This leads us further and further away from God.

    L.Agius (Sydney, Australia)

  4. There was once an International Banking Cartel that possessed the most wonderful Golden Goose you can imagine, and its name was the Federal Reserve, which occupied the United Police States of America. For every day when the Cartel visited the Federal Reserve, it had printed beautiful, glittering currency and coins in every denomination.

    The Cartel demanded more money from the Federal Reserve and every prosperous nation in the world. Soon it began to get very rich as the rest of the world became very poor. But it was not long before the Cartel grew impatient with the Federal Reserve because it was not making the Cartel rich fast enough and its will to dominate the world was not happening fast enough.

    Then one day, after the Carrel had finished counting the nearly one quadrillion in false derivatives it had created over the past 15 years the idea came to the Cartel that it could get all the money at once by installing a puppet dictator and using him to kill every ounce of prosperity and freedom in what was once the richest land in the world. But when the deed was done, not a single dollar was left, and his precious Federal Reserve was dead, along with all of the taxpayers it had fed off of for so many years.

    It was at that point that the cartel decided everyone else must be eliminated in a fashion similar to that of Mao and Hitler. Much to their chagrin, all the people who had joined and served this evil system, thinking they were safe, were among the first to be executed. The rest were carted off to re-education camps where they were taught to worship their government – or else.

    Those who to join the cartel and its one world government stayed strong until the end when their Lord and Savior came to rescue them from the evil empire that man had unwittingly created in concert with the enemy of their own souls. And then they lived happily ever after in a land called Heaven, where no evil could never hurt them nor oppress them ever again…


    Great column, Rev. Robision ….thank you….