America’s Only Hope

The hope for America is freedom’s hope and the only true hope for the world. It is the transforming power of Gospel truth demonstrated by changed lives and delivered by Spirit-filled believers. The New Testament church – His church – is made up of blood-bought, born again, baptized-into-Christ people who have a personal relationship with Jesus as Lord and know Creator God as Father. This is our Lord’s body left here on earth with the Great Commission to make disciples of Christ – not church folks or mere church members or religious clones void of His life, love, and Spirit.

The uniquely-designed individual members of His body must now come together in supernatural unity submitted to THE HEAD – Jesus. The members and parts can be found on every continent, in every nation, in various sectarian groups and denominations around the world. Yes, in Protestant churches, Catholic churches, Orthodox and even Mormon churches. Don’t react. Many in various groups have truly been born again into His church having found Him in difficult situations where there may be less than sound doctrine and even non-biblical, heretical teaching, but they have miraculously come to know Him in a personal relationship. That does not excuse failure to be true to the Word of God, but many people in spite of religion and religious life have actually come to know and love Jesus and they do recognize the Shepherd’s voice when they hear it. They will respond and follow because they are His sheep.

Many times this commissioned group of ambassadors, witnesses, and those called to be overcomers, more than conquerors, priests and kings look like a valley of scattered, dry bones. But hold on, before the final trumpet blast announcing the return of the King of Kings, there is going to be truth preached, life proclaimed in the power of His Spirit and the dry, scattered bones are going to come together as Paul taught in Ephesians 4, member to member, connected and yielded, fulfilling the role for which they were designed. and destined to accomplish, as they submit to one another and the Head for His kingdom purpose. Then we will behold Him in all of His glory through the church now standing up in the fullness of His power, perfected in love.  Jesus will then suddenly stand out, being lifted up to draw seekers (all the desperate, defeated, downtrodden) unto Himself. His Spirit will be poured out on all flesh through yielded vessels and He will be exalted above all.

The Lord who is our Shepherd will miraculously calm raging storms within our lives and around us, leading us beside waters made still and calm by His abiding presence and into green pastures, even turning barren land into fertile fields of opportunity. He will comfort all in the shadow of any valley, including the valley of death. He will do what no earthly power or new substitute for Pharaoh, a dictator, monarchy, president, or Congress can adequately accomplish. Jesus, our Lord, will prepare a table for us, providing for us even in the presence of all enemies, skeptics, doubters, and accusers. Goodness, mercy, and grace, as well as His provision, will follow us all the days of our life. We fear no evil, as horrible as it may be, for the Lord is with us, guiding us to security as we stand against the fierce flood and intentions of evil. Wisdom will direct our steps and the hedge of His Word will protect us. The gates of hell shall not prevail!

As His people called by His Name come together in brokenness and humility, turning from all of our indifference and wicked ways, He our God, our Lord Almighty Creator, will hear from heaven and forgive us, cover us, and heal the people and our land. That is His promise and it is greater than any promise a politician, candidate, or government may claim to provide.

It is time for the government to once again be on His shoulders as His ambassadors, the church, assume the responsibility God has given us to lead and make a salt and light impact on this earth. Light exposes the error of our way and reveals the necessary corrections that must be made. Just as the dry bones responded to His Word by coming together in supernatural unity and the Spirit filled those bones, raising them up to become a mighty army, so shall the church in this day become the mighty army of God and faithful witnesses He has commissioned us to be. This is our hope!

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